11 thoughts on “Milbury and Jones Change Their Minds”

  1. I believe it was about 32-33 years ago Mike had a shoe incident in the stands so he has always been one to talk about others. Classless moron with a big mouth. I guess that the NBC brass know so little about hockey they let anyone speak but then again so does HNIC.

  2. Milbury is a total jackass.

    This is one of the reasons I want us desperately to win the Cup – so people like this can take that idea and shove it right up their ass.

    Had this been PK doing it, you can bet the reactions would be much different. I don’t know how Pacioretty doesn’t develop some kind of complex from all this.

    We even sent photos and a doctor’s report to the NHL. But it was “inconclusive”.

    You could get away with murder with these people..as long as you aren’t a Hab of course (or a Canuck).

  3. What can you expect from a goon who got away with abusing a young kid after a kids hockey game(shit for brains Milbury)!!

  4. Darth, I’ll bet even if we win the Cup these idiots will find all kinds of fault. Milbury’s hated the Canadiens since he was a player. He was also a tremendously lousy GM who seemed to love Alexei Yashin, one of the most selfish players to ever call himself an NHLer. Milbury got rid of Chara and Luongo too. This big mouth makes steam come out of my head.

  5. Mike, I don’t know how the guy manages to find good jobs in the NHL and in broadcasting. Has he ever done anything to deserve these big-money opportunities?.

  6. Mike Milbury is a clown.

    Here’s what he had to say about the Burrows/Bergeron biting incident:

    “He’s got to be suspended. You can’t bite in this league”

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