Mikey D And His Ode To The Habs

A buddy of mine here in Powell River is not only the lead singer of the hard-drivin’ rock band “Frenzy” but is also a long-time Habs fan. And Mike Deschenes, when he’s not rockin’ or running pool tables or watching his Habs, writes poems. And he’s just sent me his latest, and it’s about the……yes, that’s right.

So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, Mike Deschenes.


It’s not all about Maurice,the guy they called “Rocket”,

Or “Toe” Blake the coach with eight cups in his pocket.

It’s not all about Ferguson with six Stanley rings,

Or Rousseau’s five goals in one game with the Wings.

It’s not all about Jacques, “Jake the Snake” and his mask,

Or “the flower” Lafleur and his many great tasks.

It’s not all about Dryden with five Vezinas to hold,

Or Beliveau’s first contract at only fifteen years old.

It’s not all about Harvey,the Tremblays and Roy,

Or those memorable games that all of us saw.

It’s not all about the Forum filled with pretty French girls,

It’s about knowing they’ll always be the best team in the world.


3 thoughts on “Mikey D And His Ode To The Habs”

  1. T’was the Night Before Long Island

    We’ve got The Formula from the Rocket
    The Habs are energized like an electric socket
    From Markov, to Halak, to Cammalleri
    This team has depth, it’s downright scary

    Tomorrow night we play the Isles
    And after we win, there will be miles,
    And miles and miles of happy smiles
    On all the Habs fans faces, for quite a while

    Then it’s on to play the ‘Canes
    To clinch the playoffs and pop the Champagne
    Thanks to a great team and their fans with pride
    For staying tough on this rollercoaster ride

    Then it’s on to roast the Leafs
    We’ll play them so hard, they’ll eat their briefs
    Some would call it a meaningless game.
    But it’s sweeter than sweet to put them to shame

    Then it’s showtime at the big dance
    We have no fear, not a chance
    We’re peaking on time, we’re playing our best
    We’ll crush those Buffalo Sabres, also known as B.S.

    We’ve got The Formula from the Rocket
    The Habs are energized like an electric socket
    From Markov, to Halak, to Cammalleri
    This team has depth, it’s downright scary

  2. The Leafs. How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

    With all three of my eyes, I hate thee.
    And from my toes to my head, I hate thee too,
    And from my intestines and liver and tonsils, I hate thee,
    All these hates, and it makes three.

    If I was chosen play for the Leafs, I’d run away, If I had to sit in their dressing room, I’d miss the toilet while peeing,
    I’d wear my Habs sweater under my Leafs, and score on my own net.

    How do I hate thee, let me count the ways.
    I hate your dogs and cats and in-laws who are also Leafs.
    I regurgitate when I see bleu and white together. I cut down Maple Leaf trees and pee on them.
    I hate the coach and GM and may they never be Habs.

    And it’s bad to say “Hate.” So I gesture only instead of saying the word.
    Send the Leafs to Afganistan. They’ve got the time.
    How do I hate the Leafs? There’s not enough time, with global warming approaching. Global warming skates faster than the Leafs.

    My grandson knows he will not sign with the Leafs in 2027. He could probably play for them right now if he wanted. But he doesn’t want to.

  3. You are getting downright nasty now…all poetry aside tho’…I give you an awesome line on the Rocket and you hand me Limburger !!! Let the Playoffs begin!!!

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