Mike Won’t Have To Worry So Much About P.K. Now

I’ve already circled March 10th on the calendar. Because March 10th is when the Canadiens pay a visit to Vancouver, which means we’ll be there watching the boys tune up for a magical playoff run which will begin soon after, and they start the tuneup by kicking the bejeesus out of the Vancouver Canucks.

It also means an empty wallet and a hangover, but it’s the price one pays for the chance to see the Habs and have an excellent roadtrip and drink beer with about three hundred other Habs fans at the Shark Club across the street from Rogers Arena.

Yes indeed, the 2011-12 schedule is released and it’s always an exciting time because we get to see the dates when the boys take on those nasty Bruins and Leafs, and the Philadelphia Flyers, who just announced they’ve sent Mike Richards to LA and Jeff Carter to Columbus. (Details here – Big Honkin Trades).

It’s more than slightly unusual to see a team rid itself of two of its best players like this, but maybe the Flyers simply got sick of Richards moaning and groaning about how PK Subban isn’t nice to him. As for Carter, who knows? Maybe his heart was set on playing for the storied Columbus Blue Jackets like most other players.

The brand new 2011-12 NHL schedule is right here –  new schedule. Hurry up, March 10th.

2 thoughts on “Mike Won’t Have To Worry So Much About P.K. Now”

  1. Supposedly Richards and Carter were party-guys and it didn’t sit well with Pronger and there was bad vibes in the lockers because of it (and other issues). Makes me wonder how Pronger will take to Jagr considering he’s supposed to be a bit of a diva (Jagr).

    I like how in this league we have players that go out to intentionally hurt others (hello Cooke) yet PK is the face of evil and all that’s wrong in the NHL.

  2. Good point about Cooke and PK, Darth. I don’t get it either. Maybe they thino it’s more manly to whine about a young, brash whirling dervish than it is to whine about a headhunter. Even Thomas kept it up after Boston had won the series. Maybe Sean Avery was right – most of the league are idiots.

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