14 thoughts on “Mike Richards Gets Respect From Inexperienced Rookie”

  1. Ah yes dear ol’ Mike, nicknamed as “Boeing” I believe, due to the almost deafening whine he emits during post match interviews.

  2. Just the kind of girl you bring home to meet Mom. I must say I’m enjoying the goofy look on his face. Priceless.

  3. Dennis, in the picture I see something that’s already been consumed by many a long, long time ago but still says “hot and delicious on it”.

    I also see a pizza box on the counter.

  4. Dennis,

    Given Richard’s comments I very much doubt he’ll risk anything much tonight ’cause it is too soon after very obvious threats and would leave the league in some difficulty in trying to ignore it.

    As I have no doubt PK is well aware, the drop will come from one of their goons who wont be missed for a game or two. Or they might even wait.

    He just has to keep his head up and stay smart and not let this pressure affect his game.

    But that’s easy to say, difficult when you’re out there, fatigue is setting in and emotions are getting high.

  5. Blue Bayou, the perfect thing to happen is a Flyer takes a penalty for going after PK and Montreal scores the winning goal with the goon in the penalty box.

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