Mike Richards And His Band Of Whiners

Mike Richards and his Flyers are crying because Montreal sent out their top power play unit when the score was 4-1. They feel Montreal was trying to run up the score. “Karma” said Richards, and I suppose he meant the Canadiens would get theirs.  Of course there was no mention of the Flyers making it 6-0 instead of leaving it at 5 in game one.

20 thoughts on “Mike Richards And His Band Of Whiners”

  1. Are you serious? What a bonehead. I live and teach in Richard’s hometown and I can’t wait to bring that up with some of his supporters around here.

  2. If he wants to talk about karma, how about Mad Max Lapierre? About time the universe evened things up a bit for the Filthy Flyers, since the rest of the league has to put up with Carcillo. Agree about the whole 6-0 thing. Hypocrite much Richards? As if I needed ANOTHER reason to hate the Flyers.

  3. Richards is right Dennis. The owners should get together with Bettman and institute a mercy rule so that no team will be permitted to score more than four goals ahead of their opponents.

    The game would end at that point and all the fans who paid $400 or more to watch the game will just have to leave and go home and watch reruns of the Family Guy. Sounds fair.

    That, and no more body contact and play is with a ring instead of a puck.

    It’s understandable Richards would be begging for such a mercy rule now that the Flyers fear further humiliation and see no end in sight to this living hell unfolding before their very eyes.

    Lapierre is in their heads.
    Lapierre. Man of a thousand faces…


    God I love this crazy bunch of beautiful bastards.

  4. Danno – No team should be allowed to score more than four goals, except when it’s against a Canadian team. In this case, it can be as many as possible.

  5. Hey Dennis, Hold on here folks,why do you think they changed all the rules and the refs call those stupid penalties?,so that they can score more goals.The game is being made into a joke,I wish bettman would just retire somewhere and never be seen again. Maxime Lapierre is playing the way he can,I missed that all season long.Keep her going guys,three more to go.

  6. When we were battling Ovie and his team last month, I remember reading (or hearing) that he did not know about the Montreal Canadiens as a young lad in Russia. Yeah right, I thought. What bull.

  7. Just once wouldn’t it be nice to hear an interviewer say “But Carcillo what about all the crap you do in a game?” or ” Mike don’t you think the Cdns were just trying to get their power play going when it’s been struggling lately?”. I think Philly was/is looking for a way to fire themselves up, if it wasn’t the late PPG then it would have been something else. In hindsight a lot of players probably regret the things they say under these types of situations. And for us? Well we now can look at Richards and think what a suck. “Ooh, they scored too many goals on us, they’re mean.” and Carcillo, would someone ask him why he won’t dance with anyone but non fighters? That guy is a gutless puke.

  8. All those tears really show up vividly on those sickly orange sweaters…I guess that’s why the Sharks chose black…it seems to work like camo for them.

  9. Carcillo showed his sensitive side after losing to Montreal.
    When asked about the scrap he had with Cammerelli, all he could think about was that Cammy stuck his tongue out at him.
    He acted like he was extremely offended by the gesture and had this to say about it:
    “It’s embarassing. We could maybe keep that in the pit of our stomach for a little extra motivation.”
    Carcillo went on to accuse Cammarelli of not having the guts to try something like that in Philadelphia.
    He said it’s been a long time since anyone stuck their tongue out at him and added it “was probably a girl — a pretty one too.”

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm…..

  10. Danno – Carcillo’s an embarrassment. Originally I liked him – before I started seeing clips of all the nonsense he does. I’m glad he’s on the Flyers. He may prove to be their ultimate downfall.

  11. Jan – those orange uniforms are ghastly. Terrible colours. And an extremely dislikeable team that wears them.

  12. DJ – thanks. Carcillo and Richards haven’t endeared themseves to anyone with such crap. I sort of knew Richards would come out with something, although I never figured it would be anything so ridiculous as that. And Carcillo? He’d look right at home in a beer league jersey. This guy’s an NHL’er???
    And hopefully there’s lots of Habs fans in Kenora for you.

  13. Maritsa – that’s bull for sure. Any Russian hockey player of any age for the last 40 or 50 years has known about the Habs more than any other team. Playing for the Montreal Canadiens was a big dream for most of them. Ovie’s in left field on this one.

  14. Derry – I’m with you, my friend. Bettman can go away and watch basketball, and Lapierre, if he keeps playing like this, will absolutely be one of the key guys in this playoff run. A team needs all sorts of players, and Laps is doing his thing better than anyone in the league, when he wants to, which was in game three. We need much more of him pissing off the orangemen.

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