Mike On Strike

Excellent Habs fan since the 1950s, a big Jean Beliveau fan, and a name you might recognize as he comments here often, Mike Williamson, is on strike in Toronto.

Mike’s a member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC), and he says it sure isn’t the way he wanted his final of 25 years in the great trade to end.

I was on the picket line once when B.C. Ferry workers went on strike, and people drove by and swore at us. They’d be swearing at Mike too, I guess, but they can’t get down from the top floors to do it. 🙂

Mike W.

3 thoughts on “Mike On Strike”

  1. I wish you all the best Mike. Working people in Canada are under attack by both the government and greedy corporations. It’s not a pretty picture. Hope things turn out OK for you and that you end up with a fair and decent contract.

  2. Well there’s many, like me, Mike, who admire your courage in standing up for your rights, and in doing so, the rights of workers every where. This is an ugly, ugly battle where corporations seem to want strip workers everywhere of all the gains made in the last century.

    Your choice to fight back is so courageous.


  3. Thanks DK & Danno, it’s not what I wanted, our union was willing to stay on the job while the two sides continue to negociate but the companies said no to that. To top things off my company ThyssenKrupp filed papers in court to prevent us from setting up pickets and asked for *wait for it* a $10,000,000,00 damage settlement. They named my union the IUEC three of my brothers & myself in their claim. Our crime was we were seen as being on the picket line! In court Friday the Judge asked the two sides if they could work things out without it having to be heard in court. They did, but all agreed upon matters must be followed or the penalty could still apply. I guess thats my thanks for doing a good job for them, it won’t soon be forgotten!! Be wary of elevator use in Ontario because the IUEC covers all of this province & if your stuck it’s going to be a long wait till someone can get you out!!

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