4 thoughts on “Mike Milbury, Pat Hickey, Thrills, Spills, And Big Bird”

  1. This will be crude, but I have to say Milbury is a jackass. I think when Cherry retires Milbury may be the next one in for Coach’s Corner. God help us.

    I love these people who have to blame the stanchion. It’s like picking up a gun, shooting someone, and then having the gun blamed for the shooting. What about the guy who took the shot? Hello?

  2. And Darth, not only that but it could’ve been a goal post or even just the boards. Chara meant to do damage and he did. You’re absolutely right, you can’t blame the gun. It’s funny, in one of Cherry’s books he goes on and on about what an intelligent and delightful guy Milbury is. Milbury might be book-smart, but he puts his foot in his mouth too often. The Bruins were the perfect team for him.

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