8 thoughts on “Mike Milbury In Some Hot Water?”

  1. Milbury has only 2 weeks left before he leaves CBC when he goes to The NBC Sports Network fulltime.NBC has bought Versus Network & the name change goes into effect January 2012. Milbury also works for NESN but do not know if he leaves that job as well to go to NBC. Picking on a kid on the ice (if the story is true) in front of alot of witnesses does not look at all especially if you are a coach.

  2. Once a jackass, always a jackass. The CBC will probably bring him back after NBC dumps the clown. Least there will be one less Bruins fan on Hockey Night In Canada!

  3. I cannot see any network keeping this Boston bully on staff…

    I mean a 12 yr old … what a dope

  4. i know this is not the way things should be done but regardless, i’m going to find him guilty as charge ………. my evidence? his sheer idiocy.

  5. christopher hitchens, my fav journalist-author-intellectual died today at 62….. what can u say about a guy whose initials are CH.

  6. I thought Milbury had given up bullying others with stupid moronic acts and had settled on just saying stupid moronic things on our HNIC broadcasts. He must be in the midst of his mid-life crisis trying to show that he is still the same old bully. How pathetic is it that he had to show it against a 12 year old? He knows a teenager would have beat the crap out of him. On the bright side, at least he didn’t jump on the ice and hit the kid with his skate.

  7. Feel bad for the kid but he will be famous amongst Habs fans for sure. I hope Milburys fat ass is fried before one of his arteries hardens up.

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