Mike Milbury Defends Habs?

Listen to a couple of Bruins homers whine like little kids who got their lollipops taken away, and then hear Mike Milbury stick up for the Habs!

It’s a crazy world, isn’t it?

Take the loss and suck it up people. And thanks Mike Milbury. (I can’t believe I said this).

(Thanks to Danno for sending this link that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bruins people, particularly the media, are world-class cry babies).

Here’s the video. Bruins people are such babies

Please pass the handkerchief.


21 thoughts on “Mike Milbury Defends Habs?”

  1. It was the most bizarre (hockey-related) thing I’ve ever seen. All that was missing were appearances from Cam Neely and Terry O’Reilly while wearing Habs jerseys………..

  2. Ian, I wonder if good, solid Bruins fans feel slightly embarrassed by some of the whining going on. That guy in the middle was ridiculous.

  3. I have one friend in the area who is a die-hard Bruins fan, and I’d have to say that the dumbass in the middle actually speaks for him. My local friend thought that the refs “may as well have been wearing Habs jerseys” (I’m paraphrasing; his comment was a little more profane than that). Bruins fans are completely unhinged today………

  4. Ian, rarely do we hear such crying after a loss. To me it means the Bruins feel seriously threatened by our guys. It doesn’t get any better than that, when we’ve got Bruins people so upset. I’m thinking about sending flowers.

  5. It’s nice to be under their skin a bit, as opposed to the other way around, as has been the case since 2011!

  6. Ian, I can really recall how the silence was deafening after the Chara hit. I did meet a mature Bruins fan a couple of years ago when I was in Ottawa, who said two things – he’d be nervous if his Bruins met the Habs in the playoffs, and he felt Chara deserved at least one game suspension. We don’t normally hear this type of thing, and I wanted to buy him a beer!

  7. That guy is a straight shooter, clearly, and more rational than most Bruins fans that I know. For any Bruins fan to scream that the league is “biased in favour of the Canadiens” is simply ridiculous. The lack of a suspension for Chara on the MaxPac play two years ago is proof that such is not the case.

  8. Dennis,

    If Mike Milbury is trying to win friends in Montreal, with its large Catholic population to add to the one in Boston, it means only one thing….

    He wants to be Pope.

    What is interesting and is becoming more and more prevelant on this side of the pond too, is the media individual (both written and broadcast) consistently losing their cool to an extent that is only comparable to the most rabid, one-eyed fan. Now some of it may be a deliberate schtick to sell themselves and be a “personality” but sometimes that seems to boil over into real, blind irrationality.

    And of course Boston are not alone in this, but they do seem to get the hymn sheet from which they all sing, circulated more rapidly than any others.

    Why was Milbury not on message? Well, maybe it was staged to create a “debate”. Perhaps he wants to carve a niche as the “lone voice of reason” in Boston (not a seat you need to fight for on that media bandwagon); or maybe he’s smart enough to realise that there’s another game at TD and with the Dunkin Donut having alerted the NHL to Montreal’s nefarious ways, the Habs will now be battered with impunity in the return.

    So Mike is taking the long view. No need to get too overexcited now. Keep your powder dry, there’s more to come. And should there be a need to crank it all up come play-off time, well Mike will be there in a tailored 2 piece, smooth and composed while Felger and probably Edwards too will be sporting the jacket with the long arms and buckles, screaming senslessly down the polished corridor of an institution for the frankly deluded.

  9. Blue Bayou, I’m thinking about the notion of Milbury as Pope. I was sort of hoping I’d get the job, and now I see Milbury as direct competition.
    You may be right – maybe Milbury took the other side to create debate. I want to believe that he really meant what he said but it’s hard. He’s been such an idiot over the years.

  10. Ian, I sort of recall once when someone told me they liked both Boston and Montreal. I think this is impossible and the guy was just, as they say in Russia, hanging spaghetti on my ears.

  11. You can’t like both the Bruins and the Canadiens. That’s like cheering for the Red Sox and the Yankees, the Ravens and the Steelers, Duke and North Carolina (in U.S. College Basketball), etc., etc.

  12. Ian, I know a guy here on the coast whom I thought was a hard-core Habs fan and just the other day I found out he likes the Canucks just as much. I was shocked.

  13. Wow, never thought Milbury would actually give the Habs credit for playing a good game. I think most Bruins objectively would agree the Habs had grit and determination and won the game fairly. As for the other Bruins fans that want to blame the ref’s, the so called “embellishment” or everything else that wasn’t the Bruins own making, you just can’t reason with those people, including Julien. It stems from their jealousy the Habs have 24 Stanley’s and they don’t. At the end of the day, The Bruins were taken by surprise on their own rink.

  14. Gabe, it seems the Boston media can be worse than the fans. Bruins announcer Jack Edwards for example is a complete idiot and I think is an embarrassment to the team. The guy in the middle in this video is just as bad. I really do wonder how normal Bruins fans feel about people like this. Julien’s climbing to the top of the crying leader board as well.

  15. Dennis, I’m sending Claude Julien a lovely fruit basket and a balloon-a-gram to cheer him up a bit.

    (not) šŸ™‚

  16. I am the first one say the Leaf loss to the Habs 5-2 last Saturday was because the Habs where faster and more hungry…The Leafs feet where in cement…That Boston broadcaster in the middle was a dope……………

  17. The guy was a dope, Leaf fan. If I was a Bruins fan I’d be embarrassed by this guy and others.

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