Mike M. In Tampa

Mike McKim was in Tampa Bay on Saturday night to witness the Habs’ big three-goal rally in the third period to beat the Lightning 4-3, and as you can see, he was as close as close can be.

A big thanks to him for sending these pics along.

Mike writes:

“Normally I don’t like sitting down low, …… however, all three comeback goals were in our lap… and so was Prust’s crash (still don’t like touchless icing; he was hustling, something Goatmex never did

Tampa 1

Tampa 2

2 thoughts on “Mike M. In Tampa”

  1. Mike, I noticed a fan in the stands with the biggest beer I’ve ever seen at a hockey game. It was a huge plastic cup (more like a bucket) that looked like it held at least three beers. When I saw it I wondered what the Lightning charged for such an enormous beer.

    Maybe it was just the camera angle…

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