Mike Komisarek Wants A Raise. Really


Reports are floating around that the Montreal Canadiens would like to re-sign defenceman Mike Komisarek for four million bucks a year but Komisarek wants six million instead. Now, I’m going to repeat the two key parts of the previous sentence – Mike Komisarek – 6 million.

Komisarek feels he’s worth much more than last year. So this is what I’m assuming. I’m assuming he didn’t go home after games and watch film of how he played that night. I’m assuming he forgets completely about all those head-scratching bad passes he sent up the middle that were intercepted and often resulted in goals for the other team. And I’m assuming he thinks he’s an elite NHL defenceman.

Mike Komisarek is not an elite NHL defenceman. He could be, but he’s not. Those previously-mentioned bad passes up the middle weren’t just from time to time. They were on a nightly basis. Except for maybe Patrice Brisebois, no defenceman on the Habs made such poor decisions with the puck. It was to the point of embarrassing. So like I said, I doubt he went home and looked at video of his game. Otherwise, he might be offering to give some of his salary back.

And then there’s the bad and poorly-timed penalty-taking. Komisarek’s a big boy – 6’4, 237 pounds, and likes to throw his weight around. But he hasn’t found that magical formula that allows you to be a heavy hitter without ending up in the penalty box. Scott Stevens he’s not.

Komisarek’s game went south after taking a beating from Boston’s Milan Lucic where he not only lost the fight but also injured his shoulder. I feel it was that one fight that gave the Habs an inferiority complex, and boosted Lucic to cult-status while showing his team, the Bruins, that they were a force to be reckoned with. That fight changed the seasons for both clubs.

Six million for Komisarek. Are you kidding? He was lucky he wasn’t on the bench more often.  He played like a $40,000 a year player, not a millionaire.  He hurt the team and added very little. And now he wants six million dollars.

19 thoughts on “Mike Komisarek Wants A Raise. Really”

  1. First of all, this is just rumors, unless you tell me you’re his agent. You’re not? That’s what I thought.

    And good for you you’re not the one paying the guy or on the ice to do the job. It is much easier to write about it and criticize than being constructive.

    Subject closed as far as I’m concerned.

  2. @Tatie: Have you ever been on a hockey blog before? What hockey bloggers do is invent rumours or expand on already created rumours, then criticize. That’s what hockey blogging is. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. I’d say 75% of hockey blogging is criticizing and the other 25% is constructive feedback, but I personally like criticizing more, it’s a lot easier, with less thinking involved.

  3. There hasn’t been less thinking here. I’ve been thinking about Komisarek’s poor play for months now.

  4. I agree 100% with big daddy Kane on this one. KRex is a good Dman. If he could find his hard checking style/skill again (and use it), I’d be happy with a 3 year $10M deal. No more.

  5. 6 million for a d-man that had 11 points in 66 games? not to mention a dead even +/- Willie Mitchell will probably be asking for around 10 or 12 million a year when his contract is finished. Then again Komisarek is an “all star”

  6. Man there is a lot of anger on the sites today. I am inclined to agree with you Dennis, even if I won’t call you Big Daddy Kane. It seems very likely that Komo will get his 5 to 6 million on the market it just won’t be from Montreal. Even if he finds his game he is a defensive D-man and 4 to 4.5 is probably fair market value except someone will over pay in order to get him and I hope it isn’t Mtl.

  7. Ignore mindless comments from people who can’t read (except when they’re from me). This blog isn’t inventing rumours, it clearly starts with “Reports are floating around”. And these reports are also being repeated by major organizations. e.g. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=280075 I believe the original report is http://www.sovsport.ru/gazeta/article-item/332155 or with a rough English translation http://translate.google.ca/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sovsport.ru%2Fgazeta%2Farticle-item%2F332155&sl=ru&tl=en

  8. Not only was Komisarek an all-star, he was a starter; i.e. the second best defenseman in the east according to the fans. This ranks him ahead of Jay Bouwmeester, Zdeno Chara, Mike Green and Dennis Wideman. This is the unfortunate consequence of the ballot box stuffing by Montreal’s fans.

    That said, I doubt he’ll get it, as there’s a glut of UFAs this year. Also I suspect many teams won’t be in a big spending mood with uncertain revenues next year. And even those that are willing to spend, they will be limited by the cap going down for a couple of years.

    Montreal’s in a great revenue and cap position. Hopefully Gainey will wait and spend wisely rather than stick with the usual “the devil you know” philosophy. But I agree $4M is already too much, $2.5M to $3.5M is more appropriate, where in that range depends on how other signing go.

  9. And not only that, Christopher, other teams surely must have seen how he played this year and would pass on giving him big bucks. At least, you would think.

  10. It’s actually his agent that mentioned the 6mil is what he thinks he can swindle someone to pay for Komo’s services. (This was not long after the Habs got bounced from the playoffs). His agent is, unfortunately, a mastermind at finding people to pay players a price they’re not worth (just like his buddy Hainsey). Anyway, I really hope Komo takes more of a hands-on role with his future rather than just sit back and let the agent have full control over it (and where the agent with “forget” to mention that the team who drafted him with the fans who still love him despite his faults wanted to give him a multi-year deal at a fairly reasonable price). Unfortunately from everything he’s said vaguely about his pending UFA status, it really sounds like he just lets his agent take full charge…

    Honestly, though…If Komo is worth 6mil? Hammer would be at 8mil, and Markov would be worth 10mil…and that’s a rediculous price, especially with how the market is going and how the salary cap is going…

  11. Right on, C. Well put. What irks me most of all is the thought of a raise after a very poor season. I’d still have him as a Hab, but he doesn’t deserve a raise. He should have a long talk with his agent. He’ll probably get it elsewhere though. Just doesn’t deserve it.

  12. We don’t really know what Komo wants. He was evasive when questioned about reporters about his future with the Habs. I’m sure Bob will sit down with him, offer him 4 per on a three year deal but point out his potential leadership role (captain) in the future. Komo has history with the Habs, they stood by and supported him through his mom’s illness and passing. They put him behind the bench last year on the anniversary of his mom’s death to give him an emotional lift. It comes down to where Komo’s values are, are they in his wallet or does loyalty and appreciation and perhaps a future captaincy come into play.

  13. Sadly, I think with the majority of players, it comes down to the wallet. I laugh when I see players crying at the press conference when they`re leaving their team to join another, even though the original team had a made a very decent offer. Like Ryan Smyth. It`s funny and sad how millions of dollars distorts things.

  14. True enough, with the exception of Saku Koivu, he stuck with the Habs through thick and thin and re-signed two years ago for less than market value. I think Kovy will also sign for a reasonable amount. Souray was a prime example of greed for gold. Turns down 5.5 mil for 6, and he wasn’t worth the 5.5. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Some players are on vacation, I suspect within the next week or two there should be some news coming out of Habsland.

  15. When looking at Komisarek, you can’t look at goals and points. His value is at other categories, such as leadership, hits, and blocked shots. He’s been near the top of the league in the latter two categories for two years now. So he’s definitely worth a raise.

    But $6 million is too much. I think $4 million is fine. But maybe just a two-year contract. If he plays well, then give him a raise. But if he continues his poor play, then he can leave in two years to another team.

    The problem with a $6 million man would be that gives us $18 million in three d-men. That’s too much nowadays, especially if the salary cap goes down.

    But Dennis, I have to disagree with you on this:

    “And not only that, Christopher, other teams surely must have seen how he played this year and would pass on giving him big bucks. At least, you would think.”

    You did see the Rangers offer Wade Redden $6 million a year last year, right? After two horrible years and his skills on the decline. Never put overpaying an NHL player past any general manager.

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