Mike, Diana, And Big Jean

Below is my old buddy Mike Williamson with Jean Beliveau, and below them is Mike’s wife Diana. Diana moved to Orillia from Toronto when I was in grade 10 and I used to check her out when she’d stand outside the school with her sister having a smoke. She had the big city cool hair and cool clothes, and she was hot. I also figured she was way out of my league, with my self-esteem being what it was at the time.

Shortly after, Mike hooked up with her and they’ve now been married 41 years.

Diana says Jean Beliveau is the most dignified man she’s ever met. Next to Mike, I ask?

6 thoughts on “Mike, Diana, And Big Jean”

  1. Hey Dennis,Big Jean was and still is a very pesonable fellow.I have never met him ,but just watching his responses on tv are enough to show his true character.The Habs were lucky to have such an honorable guy play with them for his carrer and Mike is a lucky guy in having met him and having been with his wife for that long,good on ya Mike.

  2. Sad how we all have that one who got away. One way to look at it is that it was not meant to be but sometimes on the other hand you sometimes wonder what if. There were a few girls I liked in my life that I never approached because my self-esteem was zero as well. On a few I know I dodged a bullet, for some others…who knows?

  3. Thanks Derry it was a thrill to talk and meet les Gross Bill, & by the way Diana’s still hot not ready to trade in just any time soon!!!

  4. DK, I just showed Diana your post and she said you are just so sweet!!
    Geeer those palms of your’s are toast!!!

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