Mike Cammalleri Says Stuff

I believe this is Mike Cammalleri’s way of taking a shot at Randy Cunneyworth for diminished ice time. And does he deserve diminished ice time? He has 9 goals and 13 assists for 22 points in 37 games. So deflect the blame, Mike, but you’ve brought it on yourself.

Here’s the quote:

“I can’t accept that we will display a losing attitude as we’re doing this year. We prepare for our games like losers. We play like losers. So it’s no wonder why we lose.”

The interview on TSN can be seen right here and thanks to Phil for passing it along.

If Cammalleri isn’t happy and would prefer to move on, that’s fine. Maybe the dressing room would be a happier place. And maybe the guy replacing him would put up better numbers.

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  1. It really bugs me when people say “read between the lines” because so many assumptions can be made that aren’t necessarily right. If he’s not happy here and this is what he meant by that statement, I think everyone’s happy to say bye-bye (on both sides) but I’m also willing to give him another chance and see how a couple more games pan out.

  2. Now we know why Cammalleri was not made Captain of the team.

    He needs to look at the man in the mirror. Throwing the whole team and the coach under the bus really was not helpful even to himself. He comes across as a bitter crybaby while on the ice it really looks like he’s holding back most of the time.

    That being the case, why would any other team want to obtain him?

    Cammalleri is not a better hockey player than he was “a year or two or even three years ago.” If he keeps saying fibs like that his nose is going to be as long as Brad Marchand’s.

    I just hope he realizes this was a major slip of the tongue and that he’s willing to turn things around – first by admitting what he said was wrong and then really starting to play the best hockey he’s ever played.

  3. To add to the fun, Weber said that he looks forward to playing tonight because he knows (!) he’s better than some of his teammates.

    Man, can anyone believe this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a season like this before.

    People here are burning Cammy like mad. Normand Flynn was on the radio and was screaming that they shouldn’t let him in the room at all tonight and when he heard Weber’s comment, he lost it.

  4. Marjo, I think he’ll get a couple more games and even stay to the end of the season. But after that……..
    And of course I might be wrong. Gauthier might be on the phone right now.

  5. Danno, I found the whole thing very disturbing. If he wants ice time, he has to play better. I also agree with you about him NOT being a better player than a year ago or two years like he says. He also makes 6 million. I think the interview was a big whine-fest and I can’t stand this. And did you notice he was wearing one of his company-logo hats instead of a Habs hat like most do. Wow, the best goes on with our team. Please Howie and Rocket, make it stop.

  6. Darth, I hadn’t heard that about Weber but I’m not surprised. Even though he’s been a quiet fellow in the media. It seems dissension has crawled in to the team in a big way and this needs to get under control. I’m sure it’s been one big gigantic nightmare for Cunneyworth and I hope he stands his ground with his decisions, and I hope Molson and Gauthier back him 100%. Such spoiled athletes not earning their money. One of these days I’m going to make a list of who I’d keep on this team, and it’s not going to be the biggest list in the world. Like I said once before, Diaz and Emelin must be amazed by the soap opera.

  7. Darth, that has to be the most depressing magazine cover I’ve ever seen. We need to stand up and not let this get out of control. Somehow we have to get the Habs story reversed. It looks like management can’t or won’t, so it’s going to have to be the fans.

  8. I’ve lived in four different countries and the media is the same where ever you go: hype, hype, hype. However, I gotta say I beileve what was written about Cammy.

  9. What a circus! All the blame falls on management, PG inparticular. PG has the authority to stop this nonsense. But he wont because he doesnt have the balls. I hope he gets fired STAT and cammy traded post-STAT. PG, Bob Gainey should be implicated here because this is the team they have assembled. A bunch of embarrassments. What the f**k kind of a circus will PG put on the ice tonight. Hope we dont get whupped too bad by big nose (63), bigger nose (17) and biggest nose (33).

  10. In the early 90’s I lived in Africa for four years. Those years were some of the best of my life because I had very little access to news. I want to go back to Africa.

  11. Marjo, what are the other two countries you mention you lived in besides Canada? And doesn’t Africa have way too many mosquitos?

  12. The country I was in had many more dangerous bugs to fear than mosquitos. I also livend in New Zealand. That was fun!

  13. Blue Bayou, I’ve just finished reading it and thanks for sending it along.
    The writer isn’t telling us anything we didn’t already know. It’s easy to pick out a bunch of things that went wrong over the years and confine them into one article. We know we’ve had better decades and better stars and there’s been blunders at the draft table, and we missed getting Claude Giroux and everything else that he lists. And yes it stinks. But the writer doesn’t say one word about the true Hab fan, one of which I am, who have lived and breathed this team through thick and thin from the time I was a small child to now, when I’m older than most trees, and his depressing reminders, while they make me sad, also make me angry. All this article does is throw fuel on the fire of every Habs-hater out there, they’re laughing gleefully as we speak, and I hope his next article is about somebody else not in their glory years. How about the Edmonton Oilers? Or Islanders? Or Leafs. Why doens’t he do a piece about the Canucks who haven’t one a thing since they began in 1971 or whatever it was. I know that sometime down the road, the good times will re-appear. We don’t need 5 consecutive Cups anymore like we did in the past. We want a proud team, a team that has a shot at winning, but most of all, we need a big star, something to which the writer eluded to. If we could just get that one guy to hang our hat on – a Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos. And the thought of a player like that in a Habs uniform who is also French-Canadian is the stuff dreams are made of.
    It’s ironic that this article appeared at the same time as the Cammalleri interview, the Cunneyworth thing, the PK-Pleks fight, and Weber whining. It’s all tough for the team and for us. But all I know is, I’ll be cheering for them for the rest of this year, and next year, and all the years after that.

  14. Dennis,

    Spoken like a true fan.

    The one aspect I don’t quite get is the the reluctance of Quebecers to play for the Habs. I see that some players may have grown up leaning towards the Nordiques perhaps and there will always be those who kick against the traces and want to leave their home as it were. But irrespective of the money (and perhaps the taxes) it seems strange for so many to opt for less passionate waters in which to play.

    If it’s a hockey based decision then it does point to some deep seated problems which have been ongoing for some time. And I suppose there’s also the perceived decline in Quebec hockey generally

    Taking football, most players want to play for the big storied clubs, even where the fanbase can be oppresive, like at the big Italian or Spanish clubs. Catalans want to play for Barcelona. The big players gravitate to the pressure.

    Perhaps Athletic Bilbao is a better example. Until recently they only used Basque players. But then some of their stars would move to bigger clubs. And in recent years the big Basque stars don’t play for Bilbao because the money and success is elsewhere.

    Still the Canadiens are unique and success will return. It can never be as the old days and you’re right that no-one expects that either. But there is more than just history even in the bad years.

  15. Blue Bayou, I’ve never understood why French Canadians wouldn’t want to play there. I’ve always chalked it up to they don’t want to be bothered on the street and don’t wan the extra attention. I’ve never understood Briere turning them down for example. I think some of them are just chickenshit to not want to be a star in the city and instead would rather remain anonymous somewhere else.

  16. Yeah, spying on the evil New Zealander’s as they build nuclear weapons to destroy North America! 😉

  17. The team’s 3 main players are slowing the team down more than helping them at the moment
    Cammalleri and Gomez can’t produce, Gionta is the only one who’s semi-reliable, but he’s injured now (Same old)

    Things look bleak for the Habs, they’re in desperate need of a makeover.
    They need to do something big at the trade deadline to wake the team up, if that doesn’t work, then they’re truly screwed.
    It’s sad because they’ve had so many chances at redeeming themselves but they always fall flat, because, quite honestly, the team just has no heart.

    Which is why I expect huge changes during the off-season.

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