Mike Cammalleri Joins The Habs

Mike Cammalleri, who scored 39 goals in Calgary last year, is the newest Montreal Canadien.

He’s only 5’9, 185 lbs, which means we’re going to hear all year from people like Don Cherry that the Habs aren’t going anywhere because they’re too small. It’s a good thing we got giant Hal Gill to balance things out a little.

Doesn’t it boggle the mind the kind of dollars being thrown around? Cammalleri will be putting 6 million a year for five years in his wallet. Hopefully he’ll score at least 39 again this year.

8 thoughts on “Mike Cammalleri Joins The Habs”

  1. With the signings of Gionta, Cammalleri , Hal Gill and picking up scott gomez’ salary, do the Canadians have enough money to even get Kovalev back now? or the better question is after picking up all of these guys is he even needed back? My hat goes off to Bob Gainey, hes completely overhauled this team and on paper all these moves have definitely bettered the Habs.

  2. Jordy, you’re one of the few people it seems, who feel this way. I’m with you. Thanks.

  3. Slightly pricey, but another good signing which I think Don Cherry will approve of. “Good Canadian boy”

  4. Very pricey. The “experts” are saying he may not be the same player without Iginla. But I disagree with the “experts” often.

  5. At first, I didn’t really like the Gomez deal… but Cammalleri directly mentioned Gomez as a reason for coming over to Montreal… (along with the millions he’ll get of course)

    My hat’s off to Gainey for performing this facelift. There was so much crap being said about him… I’m very glad he delivered.

    With Gionta, Gomez, Cammalleri.. even Spacek taking Schneider’s place… I think they’ve become possibly a better puck moving team.

    And, for the last 2 years, a puck moving team has won the cup.

    Not the big brutes like Burke is building in LeafLand.

    I’m very optimistic. We have a new core established…. and Gainey also hinted towards picking up other pieces… Yesterday was to acquire talent.. and he something like we have all year to pick up the other pieces (trades)…

    GO HABS!

  6. Dennis,

    the “experts” might have a decent point about him not playing with iginla but check out his stats from his from his second to last season in LA. what he loses with iginla he should make up for it by playing with Gomez ( not that gomez is better than iginla but hes a better play maker.)

  7. You know, I’m optimistic too. The team needed huge changes, and Gainey did that. I’m just concerned that a bunch of small guys won’t cut it in the heavy going, especially at playoff time.

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