Mighty Fine Adventure

I said I’d continue later and that’s what I’m doing. Continuing.

I was in downtown Montreal early,  Danno and his clan wouldn’t show up from Ottawa for another couple of hours , so as I like to do, I walked the streets. And soon I heard excited voices on loudspeakers and people cheering.

I’d stumbled upon a Parti Quebecois rally in a park, and so I stopped and joined them.

Take away the signs and the voices explaining to the freezing crowd how great it would be if Quebec separated, the folks all seemed quite normal for being such treasonous, brainwashed enemies of the country.

Then I left because I didn’t belong. I’m a Canadian.


Onwards to Ste-Catherine St. where it began to snow, and I stopped for coffee at Nickles. From the window I saw many of the people who were at the rally walking by with their signs. They can only talk about breaking up the country when it’s warmer.

Down Ste. Catherines to another park where a bunch of people were having pillow fights, which was much more normal than being at a Parti Quebecois rally.

Then it was down to meet Danno and his dad and brother, and we went for pizza and then to the game.

And what a tremendous game to be at. Detroit is a skating club, as Montreal certainly can be, and it made for back and forth, clean and skilled action. Emelin thumped, Price was sharp, the DD line brought extra doses of buzz when they jumped over the boards, and the team found themselves with a nice 3-0 lead.

One of my favourites guys, Michael Bournival, opened the scoring in the first, Max would get his 39th of the season in the second, with the third scored shortly after by Brian Gionta.

It was happy times for almost all concerned. Not for Danno’s brother Bob and others, but for most of us.

And it was just after my mentioning out loud that a fourth goal would be nice, along with the fact that it seems that on many nights now Carey Price stands a fine chance of blanking the opposition, that Detroit scored three quick ones and it was tied.

Rarely do you see me as animated as when Gionta would notch his second of the night late in the third and Alex Galchenyuk get the insurance marker. I looked like a separatist in a park trying to break up the country.

It was certainly a terrific night to be at the Bell. The crowd was loud, the game was fast and at times tense, and being with the Danno clan was a joy.

Afterwards it was beer at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel bar, and then I hopped on a bus and made my way home.

Vive Les Canadiens. Vive Canada.

Random Notes:

39 goals for Max. So great. And 40 is such a nice round number.

Wings outshot the Habs 37-26.

Quebecois Olympians at Sochi were introduced before the game, which was beautiful. Someday when I’m an Olympian I hope to be introduced at the Bell too.

Habs prospect Tim Bozon, looking great after his meningitis ordeal, was in the crowd and waved. Great to see.

Next up – Habs travel to Chicago for a date with the Hawks on Wednesday.

Below, Danno’s dad, brother Bob, and Danno enjoying nectar of the gods after pizza.


7 thoughts on “Mighty Fine Adventure”

  1. Hey Dennis, Sounds like you and the guys had an enjoyable game to view. I was a little downhearted when the Wings tied it up but was very happy to see the Habs pull up two more on them. Hopefully Max gets to score a few more before the playoffs start .

  2. From what I saw on my TV last nite, AND heard with my head phones cracked up all the way—-it was a heck of a nite at The Bell!!! Possibly only topped by game 6 overtime goal to bring home Cup # 25. Glad you were there. Thamks again Danno, for giving our free-lancer a nite out to take it all in.

  3. Separatists are completely delusional. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    Glad that you got to leave the Bell Centre happy, Dennis!

  4. Under the “unfairness of life” section, I know two Americans who would gladly swap citizenship…

    I was razed at the gas station this morning by Wings fan. After reminding him who won, we laughed that we’re having the only hockey conversation in South Louisiana. We parted agreeing that the Leafs suck mightily…

    Now, back to this swapping citizenship thing…

  5. Man, you guys are so lucky. Musta been expensive though. But I would rather spend my money at the bell Centre than at Rogers arena. We’re really getting gyped on this side of Canada.

    I feel something pretty special about this year. Our team is pretty different than the one we’ve been stuck with for over 15 years. This team can score, 5 on 5 even. They have confidence. Not as big as I would have hoped but they’re bigger than last year. And we’re fast. This is starting to get exciting as Habs have one of the best records over the last 15 games or so. And we have the best goalie in the world at the moment. Our D is our achilles heel though. I think this year is gonna be special! We deserve this!

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