Mid-June Hockey

I don’t care what you think, hockey should be over before the heat kicks in. Although there’s probably people who disagree.

However, if you disagree and your favourite team isn’t the Habs, your team sucks.

It’s a fine mantra if you don’t mind me saying so. “If your favourite team isn’t the Habs, it sucks”. A song title, a t-shirt slogan, a tattoo, something to come up with in a drunken argument.


It’s nearing the middle of June. It’s nice and warm out. We should be doing summer things like sitting in dark, air conditioned bars drinking pints.

Of course if the Habs were still going I wouldn’t be complaining about this.

It used to be over in mid-April, back when there were less teams and people decided hockey was strictly a winter sport. But that isn’t the case anymore. Too many teams, so much money for owners to light cigars with.

If the playoffs end in mid-April it means it would have to start sometime in February, and we’d miss part of the annual Leafs collapse that takes place then.

That would suck if we couldn’t see that.

Below is an excerpt from my mother’s 1942 diary when she was 17, typed out by my sister. As you can see, the Cup was won on April 18th. Disregard the team.



7 thoughts on “Mid-June Hockey”

  1. Their team most definitely sucks.

    I enjoy the Pens not hiring McSplooge and the meh hire of Rutherford. I am enjoying the whipping New York’s taking, doubly so after Lundqvist’s moaning about running into the goalie.

    WTF is up with the Islanders? Halak, then Boyle (as if he’ll sign there)…

    I saw one blog pushing my Moulson for Vanek deal. Make it happen! Of course, he also mentioned adding Phaneuf to our blueline!

    And finally, it looks like FA’s want to play in Montreal…

    C’mon September, get here already!

  2. Dennis – I’m not thinking about hockey at all on this day, its all about the World Cup, man ! The greatest sporting event in the world !

  3. Travis, because I don’t know a lot about the teams in the World Cup, I brought home a newspaper from the local pub that had a feature on the top ten superstars in the world. This way I’ll know who to watch for.

  4. Mike, holy geez, Phaneuf to the Habs would force me to watch cricket instead. Gionta is saying he really wants to stay in Montreal so we’ll see. Vanek and Murray are probably gone. Parros too. But I hope Dale Weise stays, as I’ve said all along that it seems that when Weise is having a big game, so is the team. Remarkable impact for a 4th liner.

  5. If Montreal was still playing, I’d probably be complaining even more so. Now the games go on and I don’t even notice or care.

    I really wish the season would shift by a month. Why wait until October? For me, summer is more or less over once Labour Day passes, and I start wondering where’s my hockey.

  6. Dennis, I wouldn’t worry about Weise leaving, he’s only an RFA, unless the team lets him go or trades him, the best he can do is hold out for more money.

    I think the team will keep keep him and try to trade White whose spot was taken by Weise.

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