Michel Therrien Takes The Reins

Hey Michel Therrien, I just want you to know. We love, honour and respect you. Till death do us part.

Or until the first slump.

But we’re just getting to know you (it’s been ten or eleven years), and relationships take work. You don’t like the way our socks don’t match, we aren’t crazy about your line juggling and choices in the shootout. But we stick it out because that’s what people do in a commitment.

But about that second slump. Make your own dinner.

We start to win again, climb up the standings, and the players seem happy and contented. And if the kids are happy, we’re happy.

Until the third slump.

We freefall to 8th place, you seem to have lost control, your in-laws stop coming, the colour in your face is fading, and we’re not having fun like we once had. This relationship isn’t what we thought.

The kids bow out quickly in the first round. We want a divorce. It’s not you, it’s us. No, maybe it’s you.

Michel Therrien coached the Habs from 2000 to 2003, missing the playoffs in his first year, losing in the 2nd round in his second season, and was fired in his third. During his four years in Pittsburgh, he missed the playoffs, lost in the 1st round, lost in the Final, and was fired early on in his fourth campaign.

I’ve been reading some of the criticism from Habs fans regarding this hiring, and I just have to say that it’s probably a bit early to find fault. It’s only June. Give him until November at least. Marc Bergevin and Rick Dudley feel he’s a fine coach, and that’s good enough for me. I love that he has a big-time bad temper and he can be animated during games, and if you don’t like that, maybe you want Jacques Martin back.

Maybe he’ll be excellent. For those who say this is a terrible hiring, we’re going backwards, and the team is screwed, you don’t really know, do you. You’re just guessing. Up until now you thought Marc Bergevin was the second-coming of Sam Pollock. Now he’s not? Don’t forget, negativity breeds high blood pressure.

Michel Therrien is the new coach of the Montreal Canadiens, and I say welcome aboard and bon chance. We just want this relationship to work. No one likes a messy divorce.




17 thoughts on “Michel Therrien Takes The Reins”

  1. My God. Finally a voice of reason. Because I’m ready to pack it up in this town (figuratively speaking) and give my allegiance to another team. Really, I am.

    Tuition protesters, Therrien nay-sayers, I have no more patience with you. Nothing but a bunch of whiners. Yes, I’m lumping you all into one, because you’re the kinda people who are never happy; always the glass half-empty. It’s not even the end of the 2012-13 hockey season for pete’s sake. Michel hasn’t even stepped behind the bench. Man.

    If MB had picked Marc, welcome to Montreal, Marc. If MB had picked Bob, welcome to Montreal, Bob.

    Relax Montreal, it’s only a #$%^& sport.

    Good luck, Michel. You’ll need it.

  2. I’m just grateful it isn’t Roy. That would have been a disaster of epic proportions. They said he was close to getting the job until his list of demands came up. He wanted final say on who was drafted, traded, etc – so he’d in fact be the head coach AND GM. What ego on this guy!

    I think Crawford might have been it if there hadn’t been that court case coming up. We’ll never know for sure but it makes me wonder if that was the final deciding push.

    I’ll give Therrien a chance. Why not. At least we’ll get more interesting hockey than we did with Martin. I just hope that someday in my lifetime they’ll get over this whole French thing so we can look all over the place for a coach.

    So this bit of “excitement” is done with – next is the draft. Hope it goes well for us!

  3. Darth, the Bertuzzi/Moore indident was horrendous and much of the blame was put on Crawford. The last thing we needed was our coach in court. What a circus it would be. Therrien may be fine, and we have to give him a chance. It’s really up to the players to stop underachieving, play their hearts out, and do the job.

  4. This is what you get when you limit your gene pool. There is no sense critiquing this as a hockey move. It has little to do with hockey and everything to do with politics…………….. Good Luck Mike

  5. The gene pool is well represented and when they lace up in October, I for one will be behind the team and the management. If we win, great, if we lose, so be it.

  6. All I know is a brand-new 82-game season is coming soon. Stay tuned, because things are going to be completely different.

    It’s a fresh start and anything is possible.

    So let’s wait at least until the puck drops in October before we start dumping all over the guy.

    Good luck to Michel. I wish him all the best.

  7. Absolutely, Danno. He’s a big-league coach and he could do very well indeed. I’m with you in saying good luck Michel.

  8. Chris, yes, Gomez. I say sign him to a 100 million, ten year contract. After that we can lobby for him to be in the Hall of Fame.

  9. I for one am happy this issue is gone. Sounds like they thought long about it. I like Therrien. And am glad its not Saint Patrick. Again I am optimistic. The next big news coming out will be Gomez being bought out. Or is it better to bury him in the minors? Sounds like Bergevin has a good head on his shoulders. I am sure he’s not stupid enough to think Gomez fits with the team again. Draft day will be interesting. I wouldn’t doubt the habs trading to move up. Maybe Subban heading to Edmonton?

  10. Hey Dennis,With those ten or eleven years comes some more maturity I would hope and expect,Therrien is a good coach,let’s just see what happens when the season begins and not be as fickle as alot of Hab fans are.Marc Crawford would have been a big mistake as well as Roy.Let’s put some faith behind the new guy and see what happens.

  11. How’s the protests in Hab Land….Ahh to be young and an anarchist in Montreal…..

    .. looks like the new coach soap opera has already started in Montreal…

    …maybe my Leafs and your Habs may be going russian in the June draft…

    Til the new season…happy driving in Montreal Hab fans

    Myself ..off to see a Jay’s game in T.O…..

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