Metropolit Adds Pizzazz To The Lineup

If Glen Metropolit’s shoulder separation is fine now and he’s back in the lineup for game three at the Bell Centre, then things just got slightly more back-breaking for the fancies on the Washington Capitals. Metro’s a blue collar guy, a guy who makes life lousy for others around the league by digging deep, working hard, and being a bit of a tough hombre as well.

With Metropolit punching the clock, maybe Nicklas Backstrom will be so ordinary he’ll barely make Pierre McGuire salivate. And on top of Metro’s fine work ethic, he’s also been a surprise on the power play, notching ten big ones for his Habs with the man-advantage. It’s like having a goalie who can play defence on a delayed penalty. (Which really did happen – Don Head Plays The Blueline ).

I know about shoulder separations. I had one once, when I had the longest hair on the Byers Bulldozers Orillia Midgets, and I remember that it seemed to take forever to heal.  But of course, I didn’t have the great Habs physio staff working on me. All I remember is, when summer rolled around, I couldn’t get my curve to break.

But Metro’s healed, and if you don’t know the story of his unusual and difficult upbringing, you can always click here Metro’s On The Team Too and find out.

Big game number three coming up. Keep doing what you’re doing, boys. Except for the part about blowing late-game leads.

6 thoughts on “Metropolit Adds Pizzazz To The Lineup”

  1. Surprisingly or not, Glen Metropolit is a huge factor for the Habs and would be a welcome (re)addition to the team.

    While I think it is great that the top two lines have been producing for the Habs since the beginning of the series, they NEED to get production from the bottom two lines too, in order to have an easier time winning.

    The biggest factor tonight, however, will be Halak and whether he bounces back or crumbles under the pressure.

    I’m hoping for/expecting good things from him. Fingers crossed!


    PS: let’s support this team. Everyone should break out their Habs car flags and get them flying! Rock you flag, people!

  2. I like Metro. He always gives 100 per cent. He’ll be the spark that launches the Habs tonight. I can feel it.

  3. That is awesome news. Just hope he isn’t coming back too early. Could get hurt again the way he plays. Who will sit? Sergei most likely as he hasn’t done a lot? Love his work ethic and what he’ll add to the habs power play. He’s also a skillful stickhandler which surprised me.

  4. Dennis, RDS is reporting that Mr. Jean Beliveau will be in attendance at the Bell Centre for tonight’s game seated in his usual place of honour.

    The hockey gods will surely smile on us tonight as the capacity crowd roars to welcome Le Gros Bill back.

    This is going to be a very good night.

  5. Diane got it right, infusion of heart with Metro in the line-up, the way I figure if Metro’s only 75%, he’ll give ya 125% every shift to balance it out.

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