13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To You”

  1. Giant Gaston looks like he’s going out to rob a Mack’s Milk!

    When you’re roasting your chestnuts and you need to put another log on the fire, does Gaston get ever get nervous?

    Merry Christmas Dennis and Luci!

    All the best for 2013!

  2. Hi Dennis and Luci –Safe flight home and wish you strength through out the next year. looking foreward to your daily thoughts/rants and insight Peter Hab

  3. Thank you, Peter Hab. I’m now at the Vancouver airport and Vancouver is dark and raining cats and dogs. I like the sun much better.

  4. Danno, don’t you think little shithead Gaston looks swell in his Christmas outfit? He almost looks nice.

  5. Merry Christmas Dennis, Luci, the Kane family and all the blog followers. I hope you’re safe and sound back in Powell River. Too bad about the wet weather, PR is not much warmer than Southern Ontario. I’m happy I’m not in Ottawa right now, it’s quite cold there.

    Only four more hours to go until hockey season starts.

  6. Hey Dennis,Christopher is correct,I’m looking forward to the juniors tourney as much as I always did. You know it was three years ago that I was in Regina for the 2009 one and got to view three games,they were just friggin awesome.Let us all be calm in understanding that hockey isnt only played in the nhl

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