9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays To All”

  1. Wow – Dennis a Christmas card from Toe Blake? I’m terribly jealous once again. But I thank you for your holiday wishes, and I hope Santa delivers you some peace between Gaston and Jack Schitt, as well as a 25th Habs Stanley Cup!

  2. Dennis,

    Seems like while the nuts are loose the wheels haven’t come off just yet, so fingers crossed they can get some sort of winning run together.

    Wishing you, your family and your loyal readership a very happy Christmas. I’d say memorable but as you may be drinking DKRSFB during the festivities it will be a complete blank.

  3. Blue Bayou, they really need to beat the Islanders in the next game to continue their pull out of the ditch. And they’re going to do it. I’d also like to wish you and your gang a great Christmas and terrific new year and may your Chelsea boys kick the ball better than anyone else.

  4. Tyg, thanks a lot. And thanks for writing your great blog and always having something smart and witty to say here. Gaston and Schitt, though – I think it’s impossible.

  5. Hey Dennis, I would like to wish you,your wife and family and your faithfull group of folks that make coment on your site a safe and happy Christmas and all the best to everyone in 2011,to Les Habitants,may the drive for twenty five come true next spring.

  6. Derry, stay warm, have some wine, kiss your lady, watch some Juniors, and have a great time. And thanks a lot.

  7. Hey Dennis,Thanks for the great orders,wait a minute I dont need orders for that.Watching juniors is a given buddy,I won’t miss them. You are quite welcome Dennis,will try and see you next year on our trip to Savary.

  8. Dennis, I wish you and your family, friends and all your faithful readers to have a very safe and merry Christmas.
    Santa’s main gift for us will be the Stanley Cup in Montreal but to tide us until then our stocking will be stuffed with a World Junior Hockey Championship.

  9. Christopher, thanks, and a World Junior’s would be an excellent stocking stuffer. Great idea. And all the best to you and yours in Pickering, Hamilton, Ottawa, and everywhere else.

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