Fathers And Sons – A Fine Photo

Jacques and Michel Plante, Maurice and Andre Richard, Bobby Geoffrion and dad Boomer, and Toe and Bruce Blake at what I think is the 1957 Christmas party. A couple of wives and a young figure skater are over to the right.

Rocket appears to be wearing a slipper. In November of 1957, he severed a tendon on his right ankle and was on the mend.

In this photo, the Rocket still hadn’t gained that final ten pounds or so that he carried with him in his last few years. He retired after leading his team to a fifth straight Stanley Cup in the spring of 1960.

5 thoughts on “Fathers And Sons – A Fine Photo”

  1. I should also say that knew who they all were without being told. I would have trouble doing that in the helmet era. 🙂

  2. Same with me, AC. I like to say that three quarters of the players in the NHL could be in the same room as me and I wouldn’t know who they were. In the 1990’s a group of guys were sitting over from me at the Keg in Calgary and it wasn’t until the waitress mentioned it that I found out they were some of the Philadelphia Flyers. I liked the non-helmet era.

  3. Bonjour,
    Very…very..fine site..! BRAVO.
    I am looking for a photo of Maurice Richard ( he palaid for the Canadian…Hi..! )
    Yes Maurice whit a Coca-cola bottle in his hand.
    I know it exist…
    I appreciate your collaboration.
    Have a nice day.
    Again Félicitation.

  4. Hello Denis. Thank you. I’m glad you found this site and that you like it. I will do my best to try and find this photo of the Rocket and the Coke bottle. I can’t guarantee anything, but maybe I’ll find it and if I do, I’ll let you know.

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