Fathers And Sons – A Fine Photo

Jacques and Michel Plante, Maurice and Andre Richard, Bobby Geoffrion and dad Boomer, and Toe and Bruce Blake at what I think is the 1957 Christmas party. A couple of wives and a young figure skater are over to the right.

Rocket appears to be wearing a slipper. In November of 1957, he severed a tendon on his right ankle and was on the mend.

In this photo, the Rocket¬†still hadn’t gained that final ten pounds or so that he carried with him in his last few years. He retired after leading his team to a fifth straight Stanley Cup in the spring of 1960.

5 thoughts on “Fathers And Sons – A Fine Photo”

  1. I should also say that knew who they all were without being told. I would have trouble doing that in the helmet era. :)

  2. Same with me, AC. I like to say that three quarters of the players in the NHL could be in the same room as me and I wouldn’t know who they were. In the 1990’s a group of guys were sitting over from me at the Keg in Calgary and it wasn’t until the waitress mentioned it that I found out they were some of the Philadelphia Flyers. I liked the non-helmet era.

  3. Bonjour,
    Very…very..fine site..! BRAVO.
    I am looking for a photo of Maurice Richard ( he palaid for the Canadian…Hi..! )
    Yes Maurice whit a Coca-cola bottle in his hand.
    I know it exist…
    I appreciate your collaboration.
    Have a nice day.
    Again Félicitation.

  4. Hello Denis. Thank you. I’m glad you found this site and that you like it. I will do my best to try and find this photo of the Rocket and the Coke bottle. I can’t guarantee anything, but maybe I’ll find it and if I do, I’ll let you know.

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