11 thoughts on “Memo To CBC – Fire Mike Milbury”

  1. He went on and on about how Kovalev only tries 15% of the time, how, after he bodychecked someone, said remember that because you won’t see it again this year, about how Kovalev doesn’t care about anything than himself, about how he’s selfish, about how he doesn’t like him as a player and would never have him on a team, and it just went on and on.
    Kovalev’s been in a scoring slump, not a points slump. He works hard, sets up his teammates, hits, looks happy for others when they do well, and basically, is the opposite of Milbury’s assessment. It was slanderous and out of line, and has created a false image for those who were watching the game and don’t see Kovalev on a regular basis.
    Milbury’s a big mouth and was way out of line. I’d like to see Kovalev’s big Russian hands grip him by the throat and squeeze.

  2. Dennis,

    I hate to say it but i agree with Milbury to a certain extent. Lots of European players do have a bad knock for there lack of effort on a game in game out basis. And I firmly believe Kovalev is one of those players…..If you look at his career stats he is the definition of inconsistent, he has had some awesome years but hes had more years of being a 50-60 point player then a 80 point player. For a guy that makes 4.5 million a year he should be putting up numbers like he did last year consistently. I also have a hard time defending Kovalev due to him criticizing his team and coaching staff the way he did in 2007. But I do agree Mike Milbury is an outspoken idiot and 99% of the stuff he says I strongly disagree with, i just think he has a little bit of a valid point on Kovalev.

  3. No way, Jordy. I don’t know if you heard him, but he was dead wrong. And you’ve got Kovalev wrong too. He’s been consistently near the top of team scoring all year, and last year of course. He’s more dangerous, even when in a scoring slump, than most players. He’s a team player who wants to be in Montreal, and is a leader to the young guys, especially the young European guys. The knocks against against were merited a few years back but not anymore. You have to watch him game in and game out, and I know you don’t because you’re not a Habs fan. Milbury was dead wrong in most of his poisionous assessments last night, and it’s one thing to say these things between periods in a Hot Stove situation, but when you’re the colour guy in the play-by-play booth, you have to be a little more mature.
    Jordy, did you watch the game and hear him or are you just going by the general stuff I mentioned in the post?
    And if you were to read the comments at the forum at Habs Inside/Out, you’d see it’s not just me who’s outraged by this.

  4. “No one wants to hear his false accusations and slanderous and ridiculous venom …”

    Ahh, I think you’re wrong there. I moved to Ontario this year and I think there’s a big market for nasty sound-bites about the Habs here. (Just like the new big market for nasty things about Mats S.)

    And the CBC will probably get hyped about the upset and put him on more often to increase their ratings. It will give people a reason to watch their show. If the CBC was worried about racism they would have fired/not renewed Don Cherry’s contract.

    One of the funniest experiences I had watching CBC was last spring with the playoffs. I had just got cable and the PVR and was watching a game back and worth on RDS and CBC. By the commentary, it was two different games. The RDS guys were complaining about the penalties not being called and unfair calls to the Canadians, while the CBC guys talked about the Habs weren’t tough enough and how the referees were absolutely brilliant to catch those penalties by the Canadiens.

    I agree with you that Kovalev’s been working very hard this year, and while I don’t like the sound of Milbury’s comments, he sounds like a bitter, washed-up player that’s better to laugh at than get upset with.

    Do you believe in karmic justice? It’ll come back at him in a different way. Don’t worry.

  5. By discussing Milbury’s commentary like this, are we not giving him exactly what the CBC ordered? If he is to replace that other guy at CBC, you know, what’s his name, where Guy Lafleur scored because of his “too many men” penalty in game seven in 1979 then suddenly CBC ratings go up and everyone is happy in CBC land.

    In my opinion, the best thing to do about his absurdity is to tune it out. Otherwise, it may give the powers that be at CBC the notion that he will rekindle their ratings for Hockey Night in Toronto (and soon to be Hockey Night in Vancouver with them signing that Swedish guy).

    Just a thought and thank goodness for the homerism of RDS even if I don’t understand everything that is being said.

  6. I totally agree Dennis. As a habs fan, it’s frustrating to hear the play-by-play taking a backseat to hear this tool rag a good player. Leave that for Don Cherry or whomever it is rants between periods, but come on. Leave the time during the game for the game!

  7. sorry dennis i guess we dont see eye to eye on this one, i stand strong with my opinions on Kovalev. But I definitely have seen enough of Kovalev play in my time to think that way of him, i just dont see any of the positive things you see in him.

  8. To me, the problem seems to be one of `cognitive dissonance’ re Kovalev: that is, what he is as a player vs what so many people want him to be – there is a noticeable gap. I agree with Dennis in that K has played consistently well and has consistently been true to his potential. Although he possesses great individual skills he is proof that a truly great hockey player is much more than the sum of his physical abilities. Given his skills, we expect K to be a superstar but he is not. I enjoy watching him and I keep my expecations in line with what I just said. By doing so I find that I appreciate him on his terms.

    As for Milbury, well, it seems to me that he plays the commentator much the same way he played/gmed the game – crudely, without much thought and very little ability to appreciate the finer points. (There are lots of people like him who fail to grasp even simple nuances who, like Milbury, are severely handicapped by their limited mental and imaginative capabilities.) In this sense, I view Milbury the same way as Kovalev in that I don’t expect him to be more than what he is. So, rather than waste my time fuming over his shortcomings I, well, get a kick out of him – yes, I appreciate him on his terms: as a hockey player/gm he was a joke and as a commentator hie is a joke. He makes me laugh.

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