Mellow Yellow

A fine time to put up the S.H.I.T.S. (Scientific Habs Information Tracking System) with the Olympic break now upon us, and as you can see, the boys have given us five wins in the past seven games.

As you can also see, they’re not giving up many goals.

It’s good yellow, but we need much more. And if you look what’s coming up when play resumes, you’ll see that the Habs face Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Toronto, and then a tidy little road trip to Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, and San Jose.

Then it’s back home to host the Bruins and then the Senators.

Yikes. The yellow won’t come easy.


6 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow”

  1. Hey Dennis, Yellow is nice except if it is in snow, the boys finished off with a good winning spree before the Olympics and Price is hot.I sure hope Max is okay,I’d hate to see him miss the games. Keep up the good tracking

  2. I figure 26 points in the next 25 games puts our guys in the playoffs (it wouldn’t hurt if none of the Atlantic teams have games going into overtime). Obviously, Boston would be a great first round match up for our strengths.

    Hopefully no injuries for our Olympians. Maybe Max will have a HUGE series and the US media will demand the Rangers acquire him for McDonagh, Kreider, and a pick…

    Trigger finger says dump Bourque and possibly Eller at the deadline. Sanity says dump them this summer. Anyone else to vote off the island?

    The Bulldogs were finally on down this way. They get hosed by the stripes, too. Bettman must be very happy at the continuous level of mediocrity of his officials!

  3. Hi Mike. Bourque’s picked up his game recently and maybe he’ll continue. Because if he does, he could be an important guy. Good size, good skater, good shot. He just needs to show more heart, which he’s been doing recently. I don’t think Eller’s been playing well at all. Doing very little.I think we need to keep Max. A goal scorer with size and a great skater. What happened with the Bulldogs?

  4. Bulldogs won, had a nice 4-1 lead in the third when phantom calls started, unsportsmanlike conduct… holding the stick. Toronto cut the lead to one, and were on a 6-4 when the horn sounded.

    It was painfully one-sided officiating.

  5. I’d like to see Ellar back with the 2 Gally boys—- young, co-hesive, energetic, and maybe a long-term line for a few years.What a treat to watch. The Patches-DD line could blend in a new addition and STILL keep their game up—they owe us that!!. The new 4 th line of White,Weise and Bourneval sound interesting, some zip,some zap, some KA-BOOM! Lars has been lost since Thornbush took him off the kid line, and I don’t appreciate Thornbush’s handling of ANYBODY except maybe the conductor on the express train outta town!!!!

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