Mellanby Joins Habs’ Front Office

Scott Mellanby has been hired by the Habs as director of player personnel, and as I have no idea if this will prove to be a good move or not, all I can say is this former player played 21 years in the NHL, with Philadelphia, Edmonton, Florida, Toronto, St. Louis, and Atlanta, and during his time in Florida, he murdered a rat with his stick which led to plastic rats being thrown on the Panthers’ ice.

Mellanby, born in Montreal, is also the son of former Hockey Night in Canada producer Ralph Mellanby, who was one of Don Cherry’s biggest boosters.

All in all, Scott Mellanby has hockey running through his veins, and hopefully he’ll add great value to the complex rebuilding puzzle in Montreal. For me, at this stage of the game, any change is a good change.

As director of player personnel, what’s he going to suggest to Marc Bergevin about Scott Gomez, and which young buck is he hoping to land in the upcoming June draft?


6 thoughts on “Mellanby Joins Habs’ Front Office”

  1. Mike, the Hartley rumour won’t go away and it seems he’s the frontrunner. This could happen extremely soon as pieces seem to be falling into place. I kinda thought Carbo should be the guy but a new direction can be a great thing. I have no problem with Hartley being there, unlike the Patrick thing.

  2. Hey Dennis,I would rather see Hartley than Roy,having been born in the same town as Bob,I guess I’m just a slight pregudice.I think he would be a better selection then Marc Crawford as well,I still like Carbo though.

  3. There is a rumor now saying that Lemaire is interest IF the deal was right and Hartley is still under contract in the other league. So who knows what is happening. I wouldn’t mind having Lemaire – it might be interesting.

    I do find it great that we’re getting some great people working here. What a nice change. Maybe we won’t be so foolish for having hope now!

  4. DK, I thought we already had a director of player personal?? I’m with you & Derry on the Carbo thing!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  5. It won’t be Carbo he’s hated by all the players he has coached got the attitude of “don’t question me I was a player and Iknow it all”Besides hiring former fired coaches is regression not progression

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