Meeting Up With An Old Buddy

Yours truly on the left, with my old buddy Mike Williamson looking mighty fine in his Habs shirt.

In Ontario last spring we got together with our wives and shared some laughs and old and new stories. It was great. The whole trip was great. Seeing so many old friends was fantastic.

Mike and I go way back to our teen years in Orillia, and he and I went to the Atlantic City Pop Festival together, something that I’m very proud of doing. Mike is also a lifelong Habs fan, and maybe it was that more than anything else which cemented our friendship in the first place.


5 thoughts on “Meeting Up With An Old Buddy”

  1. Hey Dennis, Great picture my friend,there isnt a whole better then catching up with old friends,especially Hab fans.I had a great surprise last week when my good buddy showed up from Edmonton,we were friends from the time we were in our teens,played hockey together,worked together and he was my best man at one of my weddings,was awesome to see him,much like you look like in this photo.

  2. Thanks, Derry. And I see your son is getting ready to go to Afghanistan and all the best to him.

  3. Hey Dennis,Thanks my friend,we all were in Gold River a couple of weeks ago to see him off,Lynda was in Powell River for a funeral service yesterday,she just flew out this morning.

  4. Derry, don’t forget to call me if you’re nearby. We have to discuss the 2011-12 Habs.

  5. Hey Dennis, Lynda and I will be down that way in August as we will be heading to Savary then,not sure but the middle of August some time,depending on ferries and barge sailings me may be able to meet again.

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