Meet Tony – Good Habs Fan

Tony lives in Powell River and is the father of Lawrence, who likes to give me a hard time sometimes. All in good fun. I think.

Tony reads this blog from time to time and has even offered the odd comment. And he was one of the winners drawn in the most recent contest here. Tony’s a good, solid Habs fan. Lawrence isn’t.

14 thoughts on “Meet Tony – Good Habs Fan”

  1. Dennis,

    Lawrence, like all west coast dwelling Canadians is a Canucks fan. You, and my father are traitors. My father is Darth Vader, and this is my curse.

  2. Tony you look like a nice guy and a great fan. WE are in good hands. Go HABS Go!!!!!! Ole ole!

  3. Hi Tony…It’s always a thrill to meet another member of the biggest family in the world. Go Habs Go right buddy! Take care.

  4. Group hug from all Dennis Kane bloggers for Tony!


    We’re going to pluck those Penguins tonight!

  5. Dennis, bad news. the infamous Chris Lee will be referee for tonight’s game. Expect bad, controversial calls against Montreal. He is brutal.

  6. A guy walks into a bar and asks for an Ovechkin.

    Bartender confused asks “What’s an Ovechkin?”…

    “Just a White Russian without the ice and no cup.”

    (From emann-222 HI/O)

  7. Lawrence,
    Why are you referring to yourself in the 3rd party? Chris doesn’t like it because it confuses Chris.
    Your father and Dennis can’t be traitors, they were Hab fans (long) before the Canucks existed. Changing allegiances would be traitorous.
    If your father is Darth Vader, does that mean he should chop off your hand? Even a Canucks fan doesn’t deserve that.

  8. Glad to have you on board Tony, I also am a fan of the Hab’s since the 50’s. Tony you need to take that son of your’s out to back shed & give him a good whacking!
    Cheers from the East, Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  9. Love the picture!
    My Dad is to cute for words!

    Go Sharks go!!

    i’m only cheering for San Jose so I can see game 5 with my pops! 🙂

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