Meet The Hewitts

You probably don’t see many families like this anymore, sitting around being nice and polite and dressed to the nines like the Foster Hewitt family. In this visit to the Hewitt home in 1956, son Bill, who became an excellent Leafs announcer in his own right, probably even better than his dad, looks like he needs a stiff drink. Maybe Foster was a real taskmaster at home. Or maybe he was just an excellent dad who taught his kids good manners.   

Along with son Bill we meet Foster’s wife Kay, his two daughters Wendy and Ann, and there’s an appearance by Foster’s father, W.A. Hewitt, who was a Maple Leaf Gardens employee for several decades, was secretary of the Ontario Hockey Association for 58 years, and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1947.

WA Hewitt passed away in 1966, Foster in 1985, and Bill in 1996.

And as legendary a broadcaster as Foster was, and as smooth a broadcaster as son Bill was, in my book, neither could compare to the great Danny Gallivan.

Meet the Hewitt’s.

2 thoughts on “Meet The Hewitts”

  1. All the others take a back seat to Danny ( sintalating,cannon-nating spinarama) Gallivan !
    GO HABS GO !!!!

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