Meet Phil – Far Eastern Division

This is Phil, who is a regular visitor to this site and often adds his witty and insightful comments here. Phil lived in Montreal and just last year moved to China to go to school.

And of course he continues to follow his Habs. A little thing like being in China isn’t going to stop him.

8 thoughts on “Meet Phil – Far Eastern Division”

  1. Hello Phil, It’s great to have you on board while so far away, you can’t keep a good HAB’S fan down no matter how far away they are! GO HAB’S GO!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  2. Hi Phil! Great to meet you!

    Are you outside a hotel in your picture? And those statues – what are they about? It looks almost like the man you have your hat on is holding a hockey stick.

    There’s plenty of room on the Canadiens bandwagon. So, are you working hard to convert the entire Chinese nation to become Habs fans?

    It would make perfect sense. Think about it. The word China begins with CH (just like our beloved crest) and our team dresses in red.

    And we have the Great Wall of Halak as our star goaltender.

    What a perfect match!

    Cheers Phil and thanks for all your great comments!

  3. Mike: If i lived at the center of the earth, i would somehow follow the Habs, there’s way i’m ever going to forget about them!

    Danno: No i was actually at some museum, i don’t remember what it’s about, it was a school field trip and i just messed around and didn’t listen to the tour guide, that’s how i roll. I think that statue is holding some kind of agricultural tool.

    I’ve already gotten a whole bunch of people in my kids to like hockey. I think it’s the Canadian/Canadiens charm

    I like your little link between the Habs and China! It’s just too bad that there isn’t any ice!

  4. Welcome Phil, you look a lot younger than your writing conveys.

    You mean that’s not a hockey stick he’s holding? It seemed out of place, but I could have sworn he was a defenceman who had just received a pass and was gearing up for a wrist shot on net. That’s the power of the CH.

  5. Hi Phil, how the heck does one follow hockey in China? Do they have any hockey leagues there? Or do you have to watch games via the Internet? anyways, always good to see hockey fans like you so far away showing your commitment. Good luck tomorrow in game 6. I hope Gill plays. Looks like Spacek will as well, who knnows maybe Markov too?

  6. The Internet is a place of wonders, Lmayo

    I’m very optimistic with how the Habs will play in Game 6, with or without the majority of the defencemen

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