6 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Beliveau – Super Model”

  1. DK , Diana say’s he is the most dignified man she has ever met ! GUUUUUUR .
    Les Canadiens Sont La !
    PS He has always been my favorite Canadien since I was six , so I guess it’s OK !!

  2. Two minutes for looking so good Big Jean!

    But seriously, what a class act the man was and continues to be. Has there ever been a finer ambassador for the game? Not too many are in the same league.

    By the way, Jean Beliveau makes an appearance in that movie that’s coming out soon about the Canadiens (Pour Toujours Les Canadiens) which premiers November with a gala presentation at the Bell Centre.


    And yes he is a handsome devil, and looks a lot like my Dad.

  3. Thanks Danno, Now that’s what movies should be about. M. Beliveau must have a fairly substantial part, he gets an opening credit. Or he just deserves the credit for being so great. Saku also gets a credit. Many others make an appearance, but they might be via archive footage.

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