Meet Mayo And Mikey D

This is Mayo in the Habs jersey and Mikey D beside him, two guys on a night out, cheering on their Habs and swearing at Sidney Crosby and a couple of referees. And from time to time, you’ll see their comments on this site.

There’s more to Mayo than simply being a Habs fan. From 2002 to 2004, he was the Chief of Sliammon First Nations, and for years has been on councils and boards and getting things done in a big way for his First Nations people. He’s a soft spoken, extremely bright fellow who, when he isn’t being a mover and a shaker, is following his Habs closely.

Mikey D, originally from Arnprior, Ontario, is a long-time drummer and lead singer for various bands in the Powell River area, and he and his band played for no charge when my wife and I renewed our vows a few years back. He even did a Bob Dylan tune for me, even though it hurt him to do so. For Mike, it’s all about Habs and music.

Both Mayo and Mikey D are real nice folks.

16 thoughts on “Meet Mayo And Mikey D”

  1. Hi Mayo and Mikey D!

    It’s nice to see you both.

    This playoff ride is bringing people together like you wouldn’t believe. The Habs comradery is a force to be reckoned with.
    I’m confident we will win this series and move on to take Boston (or Philly). And then go all the way.

    There are doubters out there again. And Pittsburgh fans are acting cocky.

    Like loud-mouth UFC fighter Josh Kocheck…

    I think Kocheck’s had too many shots to the head. He should be careful. Caps fans were cocky like that too before we eliminated them.

    Markov was practicing this afternoon with a knee brace. Spacek and Mara also were at the rink. And Gill’s cut may not be all that serious and he may return for game six. So at least one of these wounded warriors may be back in action on Monday.

    The fact remains this little team that was written off by everybody including their mothers. And yet, they are still playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Only five other teams can say that.

    And after tonight there may only be four others.

    Not too shabby I’d say. Really fine actually.

  2. Correction – currently six teams remain besides Montreal. And Vancouver faces elimination tonight. Which would leave five — if Chicago wins.

  3. Nice to see you both of you

    You both look like great guys, it’s nice to see you part of the site!

    Mikey, I play drums as well! It’s pretty cool to know that someone else here does as well. But I’m more into Metal and Hard Rock. And from what Dennis said about you playing Bob Dylan, I think you prefer lighter music?

    PS: Danno, Koscheck is freakin’ whack, I mean, look at his hair.

  4. Hey Dennis, Nice to meet your Hab friends,I’ll bet you poured back a few pops with these guys over the years.That pub looks familiar,is that the town centre pub?I was in there one friday nite in March.Well of to my first day of work in Mackenzie,will be back to see them drop the puck.Good luck to the Habs tonite,nice to see the Canucks win last nite,have a great day folks.

  5. Nice to meet you Mayo. You have your priorities in order: hockey, beer and Dennis and Mrs. Kane to watch the game.

    I’ll raise a glass North-Northwest.

    All the best from Boston.

  6. hey Danno, it was fun getting together with Mikey and Dennis. Both great guys, and Dennis’s wife as well. I am confident we will pull it off tonight. Imagine if Markov plays. I think Gill will dress as he is a leader and will not allow himself to miss a crucial game like this. He did say it was ‘just a cut.’ Good luck tonight.

    I don’t like Koscheck. GSP will pulverize him I’m sure. Take care and enjoy tonight.

  7. Hey Phil, nice photo. Hope things are going well in China. Dennis says you lived in Montreal for a year. Sounds like you have already lived an interesting life. What are you doing in China?

  8. Thanks Diane, it was lotsa fun. Too bad they lost. Bell Centre will be packed again. A Habs fan in Boston?? Must be a lonely place for you. How did the Bobby Orr statue raising go?

  9. Mayo, the Bobby Orr flying goal was unveiled today but I was working. Still haven’t seen what the statute looks like yet, I will take a tour and give him a pat for all hockey fans. (Yes, I’m civilized and will touch his skate or hockey stick, nothing too racy!)

  10. Mayo, I checked and found the statute of Bobby Orr and his presentation on the Boston Bruins website. Yes, a fine gentleman and a true legend. Take a look and you can see the bronze reproduction. About time.

    Go Habs Go!

  11. Thanks Diane. I never did like the Bruins but even I have to admit Orr was something special. I’ll check it out. It is long overdue and likely one of the most memorable moments for the NHL.

  12. One year?! I’ve lived in Montreal my whole life. It’s only lived in China for one year. So it’s actually the other way. And I’m here ’cause of Parents’ business, but I should be back in Canada permanently after the next school year

  13. Bobby’s status tells me one thing, the hockey season is too long. The Stanley Cup finals were over forty years ago today, this year we haven’t even finished the 2nd round.

  14. And before that, Chris, the Cup was won in April. I say we give Winnipeg and Hamilton a franchise and cut about six southern teams out and shorten the season.

  15. Hi Phil:
    Sorry to get back to you so late but I’ve had computer problems for the past couple of weeks. I believe we met a time or two in the ” old days “. Too bad I didn’t know you were a Habs fan at that time ’cause I would have been honoured to play a solo or two with you wearing a jersey of course. By the way, lighter music is not my style of drumming. That was strictly for two very special people in my life and a memory I’ll never forget. I’m an Alice Cooper fan and seventies rock is my favourite era of drumming. Take care and rock on!

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