Meet Derry Mann

This is Derry Mann, a regular reader and commenter on this blog. Derry and his tremendously friendly and beautiful partner Linda were spending the night in Powell River before jumping on a barge and heading over to nearby Savary Island, the Hawaii of the North. These two come from Mackenzie, BC, and if you ever want to go there, just jump in a car in Vancouver, head north, and you’ll arrive only ten hours later.

We drank a lot of beer, talked, laughed, discussed Carey Price and Bobby Orr, Guy Lafleur and Wayne Gretzky, and solved Habs problems. Great fun. I’m also blaming him for the hangover.

Derry’s son is now doing a six to nine month tour of duty in Afghanistan and we all wish him godspeed. Shots have already been fired in the building next to him, which is way too close for comfort.

Derry and Linda are salt of the earth and it was a terrific evening at the local watering hole.

16 thoughts on “Meet Derry Mann”

  1. Derry it’s great to have a picture to put a face to your name. Funny thing tho, all the photos of DK’s followers are staged in a pub mine included. Whats up with that, oh I know we all love the HABS & PUBS!
    Hope your Son remains as safe as possible!
    Cheers from the East

  2. Mike, come to think of it, they are all in pubs. You guys are corrupting me. A poor Catholic boy led astray.

  3. I tend to believe it’s the Habs themselves that have been driving everyone to drink in the last few years. 🙁

    BC looks and sounds awesome and hopefully someday I can visit there…even if it’s just to steal Dennis’ Habs bench. I did make it into BC many years ago, when I was about 6 or so, but I’d love to make that trip again.

    If I win the lottery BC is one place I’d move to fairly quickly (BC or Gaspe).

    Hope his son is back sooner rather than later.

  4. Darth, get out here so I can buy you a beer. We’ll have lots of merriment. Solve world problems. Plan Habs strategy. Eat nachos. The bench is a two-man job because it’s a heavy sucker. The Hawaii of the North is just up the road. (Savary Island). My cat is the smartest cat on Michigan Ave. And, oh yeah, I’ll show you a dollar bill signed by Rocket!

  5. The problem with us solving world problems and the Habs’ problems is that sadly no one will listen to us! Which may be a good thing because I once believed Price should be traded. D’oh.

    If I am ever out there I’ll take you up on the offer. Happily. Problem is, I may want to move in if you have lots of Habs stuff. I promise to wear gloves and not breathe on anything too much and ruin them. 🙂

  6. Garth, God, I just re-read my last comment. I’ll show you the area and my hockey stuff. I must be clear about that.

  7. Gee Dennis, what will your wife say? 🙂

    (Have to admit, I got a good laugh from that one!)

  8. Whew, Darth, I’m glad I got that one straight. That was written with a hangover compliments of Derry Mann.

  9. Sure, blame him for your failed seduction techniques. 🙂

    (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist).

  10. Darth, I’m just glad I,for whatever reason, re-read the comment and picked up on it. Damn internet. Damn “send” button. And I’m sticking with the “hangover compliments of Derry” excuse.

  11. Actually, seeing as though you keep talking about Derry it makes me wonder if I should read between the lines here.

    You have people come over and you seduce them with Habs talk and memorabilia then make your move eh? Shameful. 😉

  12. Hey Dennis,Just got yhe internet back as I left Savary this morning and am now in Gold River.Thanks all for the good wishes for my son,I hope they all come true,as fr the hangover Dennis,I dont remember twisting any arms or pointing a pistol to your head ,it was a good night though and good to have met you and Lucy ,enjoyed it immensley.Savary was just a great holiday ,as usual.

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