Medals All Over The Place

Medals are coming up so fast and furious for Canadian athletes in the past day that I’m having trouble keeping up. I have to sleep and pee sometimes. And feed the cat. Christ, I had to lay some flooring today. How am my suppose to be on top of things?

Anyway, fantastic that our Canadians have grabbed some more medals. There’s so much talk lately about the ill-advised “Own The Podium” idea that put way too much pressure on the athletes. I read somewhere the idea that it should have been called “On The Podium” instead, and I agree.

Canada, at this writing, has 13 golds for a new Olympic record for gold medals, and 25 medals overall for third place behind the Americans and Germany, and this is stupendous. The US leads with 36 medals, with Germany in second with 20. But we’re right there, baby.

And we’re going to get a gold medal in hockey!

We’re doing just fine, thank you very much.

Today, in men’s curling, Canada’s Kevin Martin’s team took out Norway to capture gold and solidify the whole idea that Kevin Martin is a sensational curler and skip. His shot percentage was way up in the nineties, and he shows the world that Canadians are the best in curling.

Team pursuit speedsking , with Denny Morrison, Lucas Makowsky, and Mathieu Garon from Canada taking off from the starting line, flew to gold, and once again, the world sees that Canadians can really skate fast.

It’s been a good day for Canada , and the Vancouver games haven’t been the disaster people thought either. Snow came to Cypress, there were no more fatalities, the protesting hasn’t gotten out of hand, at least at this point, and there was drama and excitement and spills and chills throughout the two weeks.

I know it’s money that could be spent in different and better ways. But we also need  joy and drama and entertainment in our short lives. Imagine what life would be without entertainment?

The Olympics showcase those in the world who can perform their sports better than anyone else. It’s a beautiful thing to see these healthy, spectacular human beings being the best there is.

The Olympics, in many ways, is a beautiful thing.

5 thoughts on “Medals All Over The Place”

  1. Hey Dennis,You know what the olympics are all about,competing against one another for to see who is the best…but,you know I just witnessed Finland win the bronze medal in hockey.These guys looked like they won the gold or the world championship.They were so hapy just to win,I would be happy just being there. Teemu Selanne is an awesome guy,I’ve always liked him ,he shows alot of class(a great addition) in every thing he says.My hat goes off to finland.

  2. This has nothing to do with this, but the Bronze medal hockey game was amazing. The Finns played with their heart and it paid off.

  3. Hey Dennis! There’s a story in today’s paper about how Canada will stand alone and hold the record for the most gold medals, (14), of any country for a single Winter Olympics ever if the men’s hockey team wins tonight.
    We’ve already tied the record. Now it’s up to our hockey players to put the icing on the cake. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  4. Well said Dennis. All protests just disappeared once the games began. It’s amazing how exciting sports and great sportsmanship brings out the best in the country.

  5. the US might have the most total medals but the team that wins the most gold medals is the winner of the olympics in my opinion. Its hard to believe that a country that has more 2nd and 3rd placed finished would be considered the winner. Only an american would think like that and if the shoe was on the other foot and we had more total medals and the americans had more gold they would be considering themselves the winners in that scenario also. Traditionally its always been the country with the most gold medals wins. Its all about the first place finishes and winning gold, and we have the most, making us the winners of these winter olympics.

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