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  1. DK, stay at that weight and physical condition and you should be able to replace Chucky and be a shifty right winger! Looking good dude !

  2. I like your writing, Dennis. Perhaps you can give Andrew Coyne and Mr. Gwynn a helping hand in making social and political commentary. I enjoy their articles but I sense that you could add a unique flavor by your observations. Where is the journal pool after you guys are gone I ask myself.

  3. That’s pretty flattering, Orville. I wouldn’t mind giving them a helping hand, but I’m sure they don’t need an old hack like me.

  4. 30 lbs is pretty significant Dennis, it could add 30 yrs to your life! Hopefully it was from keeping up with a 2 yr old! What to say about our habs? I was early in my teaching career the last time they won and now I’m retired. I would never have thought 24 years could go by without another win. Next year right? I’m expecting, hoping for, some action this summer, maybe another KHL signing or a trade to add some offense, or at the least some new assistants to get excited over. It doesn’t feel as bad as last year anyway and that’s something to be thankful for.

  5. Hi D-John. I think trying to keep up with baby helped for sure, but mostly it was from four months of serious walking and staying away from junk food as much as possible. Me too about the Habs bowing out. Last year was worse because it was so dreadful. This year I was down in the dumps for a few hours and then woke up the next morning and moved on. If I had my druthers, I’d have John Tavares on the team, and apparently he might be had for the right price. Include Galchenyuk in a package and maybe it could happen! Hope you have a great summer, and hope you really liked Orillia.

  6. Thanks Dennis, you too. I think we’ll be seeing more of Orillia as it seems like the boy is destined to settle there or near it anyway. We had lunch one day at Webers burger place, do you know it? Fantastic burgers. Our visit was brief but it looks like there is a lot to see and do. Re Galchenyuk, I’m about ready to move on too, just our luck the year we had a high pick we don’t get a guy like Tavares let alone a Mathews or Mcdavid! Oh well lets see what Bergevin can do to save his job. Keep walking my friend and keep posting too!

  7. Cheers Dennis, You’re looking good.I was too depressed to make any comments after the Yokels blew it again. And I am thinking of writing a book about how come Canadian teams can’t get the cup or only get so close, then fall and about how that has happened for 2 decades now, 20 yrs. In the meantime I switched my loyalties to Canadian teams that are making a go of the playoffs. Teams who are rivals to the Habs normally but right now I am happy they are going forward namely the Oilers of course, and the Senators with their remarkable and hockey worthy come back on Saturday. But about this idea for a book, it’s just that, an idea. I have not written a book before but I’ve been collecting ideas and thoughts and this and that and so I will see what happens and where the main idea might lie, or go were I to write it down. And whether really I have a book length idea! As for the Yokels,or Habbeens what can anyone say, they didnt look as good going out as you do in your photo above. It doesn’t take a genius to figure where the prb is and that they have no offense. The rest is business and should Bergvein not be the man to find those offensive players perhaps Molson ought to be looking for another g manager .

    Anyhow, that’s all my two cents for tonight. The weather in the Montreal region is pure crap right now. I hope it gets sunnier soon! and that here’s hoping the Oilers come back next game and kick ass.

    Go Canada go,


  8. Bill, I sure hope you write your book and I’ll be the first to buy it. It’s a great idea. I really can’t say I’m hoping for the Sens, but the Oilers, yes. They may not be quite there yet, but maybe they are. The playoffs can be full of surprises, and a good young team like they are could go all the way. But I really have no idea. I also agree with you about Bergevin. Their motto that began a few years ago was “No Excuses”, yet Bergevin has come up with a pretty lame one that finding a good first-line centreman is “really hard”. It’s not a good enough excuse for us. Just do it. And for you and your book – just do it. It’s a great idea and it’ll keep you out of trouble! Thanks for checking in. Always good to hear from you.

  9. D-John, I remember when Webers opened, years ago. It was once voted ‘best hamburger in Canada’ and it has employed hundreds of young Orillians over the years. I haven’t been there in quite awhile, although I’ve passed it on the highway from time to time. Yes, I’ll keep posting, although it will be spread out. And I guess it won’t always be about hockey, so I hope no one minds.

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