Mayor Eagleson, er, Labeaume……..

Quebec City mayor Regis Labeaume is in the news announcing a new arena management deal – Quebec City Arena Deal ,and I’m not saying they’re one in the same person, but he sure looks like Alan Eagleson.

Has the scoundrel Eagleson somehow become major of Quebec City? I didn’t even think he could speak French.

Below, the mayor, and below him, Eagleson. And please scroll down even further and see Alan Eagleson do some jive talking.

Just for fun, here’s Eagleson defending himself. Just don’t believe a word he’s saying.

5 thoughts on “Mayor Eagleson, er, Labeaume……..”

  1. The resemblance is uncanny. For Quebec City’s sake, I hope there are no similar backroom deals where the only winners are the look-alike and his friends.

    Except for the fact that other sports have higher revenues and therefore higher salaries and pensions, everything Eagleson said was either an outright lie or bullshit cover up. Several times I wanted to throw my laptop across the room in disgust.

    It’s unfortunate that it took an American reporter to investigate and publish the details of the corruption despite most of it occurring in Canada from mostly Canadian player pensions.

  2. Chris, I urge everbody to read Sue Foster’s great book The Power of Two. This is where you see just what a guy Eagleson really was. And it’s not pretty.

  3. Wow that’s unreal Dennis. Labeaume could be Eagleson’s stunt double.

    It’s just like you and George Clooney…

  4. Danno, this is obvious quote of the day material. I couldn’t agree more about the comparison. The only difference is, Clooney has more hair and is taller. And richer. And might look better to some women. A few anyway. And he probably isn’t a Habs fan.

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