Maybe We’ll Add One Or Two More To The Tattoo Gallery

Holy Smokes! I figured there were a bunch of great Habs tattoos out there and good old Danno digs up a pleasing plethora of artwork, a veritable cornucopia of inks, via The Hockey News.

Hold on to your hats, here we go:

John Perry, Saint John, New Brunswick

John Kircoff, Chateauguay, Quebec

Alison Sandor, Dollar-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec

Josh Logan, Cambridge, Ontario

Mitch Grisham, Seattle, Washington

Bryce Fontaine, Brockville, Ontario

Matt Lynch, Chateauguay, Quebec

Brian Singleton, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Craig Smith, Nanaimo, BC

Eddie Evans, Sault. Ste. Marie, Ontario

Mathieu Roy, St. Raomi (?), Quebec

Mathew Johnson, Vancouver, BC

Jean-Guy Ducharme, Ottawa, Ontario

Alexandra, St. Lin, Quebec

Tanya Griffin, Ardoch Algonquin First Nation

Peter St. Maurice, Toronto, Ontario

4 thoughts on “Maybe We’ll Add One Or Two More To The Tattoo Gallery”

  1. Speaking as someone who would rather play in traffic than face a needle I gotta say this ink is truly spectacular. Too bad there’s no temporary stick on versions of some of these for my game in January.

  2. Tyg, you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and get a nice, tasteful, classy little Habs tattoo. It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t do anything. Just read a magazine while he’s doing it.

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