Maybe We Only Live Once, So I Splurged

The billionaire developer who bought the Paul Henderson jersey wasn’t the only one who got what he was after in the recent Classic Collectables Auction.

I bought something too! For $330. (plus the usual extra fees.)

You should know that I’m not a rich man by any stretch. Heck, my wife and I might have to live in a tent when we’re retired, or in Hobo’s spare room near Peterborough. But I was watching the auction carefully, I had my eyes on one thing in particular, and I told myself that if  the thing didn’t go crazy, I’d dearly love to get my hands on it.

With my wife’s blessing, I was going to go for it and work a little overtime here and there and not eat for a month so it wouldn’t hurt too much.

I splurged and bought a beauty.

I was the winning bidder of Billy Reay’s game-used stick from the time he played on the 1948-49 Montreal Canadiens, (he was leading point-getter for the Habs that year, ahead of the Rocket, 45 to 38), and it’s signed by most of the team including the very rare and valuable signatures of coach Dick Irvin and goalie Bill Durnan, along with Doug Harvey, Maurice Richard, Reay, Murph Chamberlain, Elmer Lach, Butch Bouchard, Ken Reardon, George Robertson, Ed Dorohoy, Joe Carveth, Howard Riopelle, Ken Mosdell, Bob Fillion, and Jacques Locas.

To me, it’s a Hall of Fame piece and I’m very proud.

And if you think I’m nuts, think again. Two years ago I paid $200 for a ticket stub from game eight of the 1972 Summit Series in Moscow and one similar to mine but not as nice just sold for $4000 in this recent auction. There’s been other times too where I’ve come out far ahead.

6 thoughts on “Maybe We Only Live Once, So I Splurged”

  1. Hey Dennis, Great grab there buddy, I would pay that for a stick with that many signatures as well.I have a lot of stuff that I have bought over the years.Good for you Dennis,great grab

  2. congrats………….. but you’ll need more than the profits from a 72 series ticket stub to retire in hobo’s spare room………… maybe you could pitch your tent in the woods and use that super cool stick as part of the rent.

  3. That’s a really fine piece of wood Denis. Could it be it’s from the same tree that Gaston comes from?

  4. What do mean, Hobo? I thought we were going to spend our days playing the blues and talking hockey?

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