Maybe The Worst Game Report In The History Of Game Reports

Habs 4, Sens 2

Didn’t see it, didn’t hear it, didn’t do anything, except check in from time to time to Mike Boone’s live blog at Inside/Out to see how things were going with The Team.

Am I bad?

This could be the lousiest game writeup you’ll ever see.

Ian Schultz fought and apparently looked good while doing it – he’s a feisty bugger. PK Subban blasted one home from the point. Andrei Kostitsyn scored his first of maybe a hundred this year. (This total of a hundred includes both preseason and regular season of course). Mathieu Darche scored his first of maybe several this year. (Ditto to the preseason/regular thing).

Dustin Boyd capped it with the insurance marker.

Nobody cares who scored for Ottawa.

Random Notes:

Alex Auld and Robert Mayer shared the puckstopping for the Canadiens on this night.

Major wind storms happening here and elsewhere on the west coast.

I have my annual runny nose and sneezing attacks happening right now.

First star of the game – 12 hour non-drowsy Claritin.

7 thoughts on “Maybe The Worst Game Report In The History Of Game Reports”

  1. Darche and AK46 are the heroes tonight, and I’m eating my fair share of crow before the season even starts. White is a rough and tumble too. CJAD says Eller was steady and liked Schultz but wants him to work on his skating. Since I only found a live web stream for the 3rd, it’s hard to say, but Desjardins was no slouch either.

    At least take the drowsy Claritin and get some rest. What’s there to stay up for anyway? Habs already won. 😉

  2. I dunno about you, but I thought that this report was a hoot and a half.\

    Possible change for #1 spot?
    Auld over Price? Let’s hope not.

  3. Life is good again.

    The birds are singing. The grass is green. The sky has stopped falling. Plan the parade.

    But wait. Carey Price is in nets tonight in Ottawa for the second of these back-to-back games.

    Maybe you’ll need some tranquilizers along with that Claritin Dennis. 🙂

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