Maybe The Bruins Should Buy Their Goalie A Beer

It seemed like only yesterday that Boston had this guy who looked like an overweight butcher playing goal for them. It was Fatty Arbuckle back there.


Now, instead of Fatty Arbuckle, the same guy in goal looks like an overweight Vladislav Tretiak.


Tim Thomas won the game for the Bruins tonight, stopping 34 big shots, as they handed the Habs a close 3-1 victory in Boston. Even though Zdeno Chara scored two goals, it was Thomas who won the game. Boston didn’t outplay Montreal, not by a long shot. In fact, the Habs had handfuls of great scoring chances.


But they couldn’t solve Thomas.


So it’s not the end of the world. Montreal waltzed into Boston and showed the Bruins and their fans that this is a team to be reckoned with. And I’m sure everyone knows that it was only because of Thomas that the Bruins won this game.


One of the great highlights of the night was when Marc Savard decided to get a little spunky with Mike Komisarek. Komisarek reached out and put his big hand around Savard’s throat. That ended that discussion.


Coming Attactions:


Nashville’s in Montreal Thursday, and Saturday the Canadiens bomb up the 417 to Ottawa to take on the Senators. I’m expecting four big points in these next two games.


Now excuse me while I go slit my wrists.







6 thoughts on “Maybe The Bruins Should Buy Their Goalie A Beer”

  1. Make sure you do it in a warm bath, Dennis. The blood flows better and there is less discomfort as you slip serenely sadly softly silently into the beckoning embrace of the netherworld wherein I have it on good authority that the big cheese is a Leaf fan.

  2. Or Bruins fan. And last night the officials were his Prophets, spreading his benevolent Word for all to hear and witness His supremacy.

  3. The Habs lost the game because they took bad penalties at bad times. Hamrlik cross-checking a guy hard when already killing a 5 on 4 to make it a 5 on 3? A hit from behind by Kostitsyn?

    Two powerplays scored there, and that was the difference.

  4. We show we can play with Boston but I stil believe they are a better team…..UNTIL WE KICK THEIR BUTTS IN THE PLAYOFFS……..I hope.

    Boston is a great team, did you see their +/- stats?

    Practically all their plays are + double digits, simply amazing!

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