Maybe PK Needs A Few More Birthdays

PK Subban has been fined $2500 for slew-footing Pittsburgh’s Chris Kunitz during the third period of Friday’s game against the Pens.

Between slew-footing, embellishing, turtling, making costly mistakes, and acting like a two-year old on the bench last night during his exchange with Habs assistant coach Randy Ladouceur, many of us aren’t all that happy with our PK at the moment.

But we can’t lose sight of the fact that if the young fellow can ever mature and stop the nonsense, we’ll truly have a bonafide star on our hands. He’s got what it takes.

But at the moment, there’s a bundle of issues he needs to work out.

One thought on “Maybe PK Needs A Few More Birthdays”

  1. He’s really getting on my nerves this season. I know Gill used to mentor him but this year I don’t think he’s even trying (he’s probably tired because he has a new child to look after). I don’t know if anyone is.

    The guy is cocky, but he needs to remember that he hasn’t won anything yet. He needs to tone the clown act. I am sure it will all come together in time but right now it’s like putting up with a really obnoxious teenager.

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