Maybe It’ll Be A Lousy 80 Million Over 10 Years Instead

An arbitrator has struck down the Ilya Kovalchuk deal which was a whopping $102 million bucks over 17 years. Who signs a guy for 17 years? Now the New Jersey Devils have a real chance of having this player for a bit more reasonable figure.

I hope Mr. Kovalchuk isn’t sulking and moping around the house right now, complaining that life isn’t fair.

7 thoughts on “Maybe It’ll Be A Lousy 80 Million Over 10 Years Instead”

  1. The arbitrator should have ruled that the contract will stand, but with one exception — that the salary structure would be reversed; with the big money being earned at the end. Since Kovulchuk kept saying all along he intended to play until he was 44, what difference would it make?
    We all know Kovulchuk would have been singing a different tune if that were to happen.

  2. Great point, Danno. Let’s see how willing the Devils would be to pay a guy the most money on the team when he’s 44.

  3. Having the NHL dictate who pays who what amount sucks. But then again the salary cap is a good thing for Canadian teams. Or was before the looney got so strong compared to the USA greenback. If the Devils want to sign such a dumbass deal, I say ‘let them.’ Look what happened to DiPietro and the Islanders. Milbury is such an idiot. Glad the Habs don;t do this too often. Our embarrassment is the Gomez deal but hopefully Gomer pulls one out of the hat this coming year. Players Should be able to negotiate a contract for after hockey (like a front office position -which is what most do anyways).

  4. What will be the solution in the next CBA? I suspect teams will be penalized for salary that was paid but not applied against a cap. I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow managed to make it retroactive. They could even have done it for Kovalchuk. If he had retired after 10 years earning $95M of his $102M, the Devils would have had $60M count against the cap meaning they owed $35M. So for each of those 7 remaining years they should have a cap penalty of $5M.

    I wonder how many teams would have the balls to claim they’re entitled to their salary cap fraud?

  5. I think one of the reasons Kovalcuk wanted/held out for 102 million was that he wanted more money than what he had turned down with Atlanta (100 million ?)……….

  6. Thanks Martin. I guess he’s going to have to settle for less now. It’s all mind-boggling anyway, no matter what he’ll end up signing for.

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