Maybe I Need A White Cane

I just took the bandages off. Bandages that covered half my face.

I’m in Vancouver, recovering from eye surgery, so this typing is taking me a lot of time because I type with two fingers and I look at the keyboard, the two things you’re not supposed to do. I’m having a hard time seeing, because like I said, I’ve just had eye surgery.

They wheeled me into an operating room where were two doctors, a nurse, and four students, and they got in behind my eyeball and pulled out this type of cataract that laser won’t fix. So now my vision is blurry and I’m suppose to drive back to Powell River today. And the doctor said my sight will be blurry for a couple of weeks.

I can’t find my Tylenol, my eye is throbbing, and I just tried my glasses on after taking off the bandages and they’re not helping. And apparently my face might swell up. I’m a mess.

But the beat goes on. Go Habs! Oh, this is the off-season. Never mind.

8 thoughts on “Maybe I Need A White Cane”

  1. I can attest to what Dennis says, he is a mess. That eye is looking creepy right now.

    Get better Dennis….

  2. You should buy the Habs 10 greatest games of all time on DVD. Watch one game every Saturday night, and the summer will be gone before you know it.

    You could even give game reports on each game (ie: Third-year player Jean Beliveau was great in this game. I expect big things from him for the next 15 years or so. Don’t let me down Jean!).

  3. That’s a good idea, Tom. I already have the DVD’s and maybe I’ll do something like that. I just can’t say yet. I’m not that organized. Thanks!

  4. Hi Dennis: Think of all the hockey stories you can tell now about “taking a puck to the face/eye,” while on a breakaway. That should get you a few cold ones at your local watering hole.

    Feel better soon.

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