Maybe I Made The Team

I’ve been working graveyard shift lately, which means my mind and body are disagreeing on pretty well everything. In fact, the two of them hate each other’s guts.

But the daytime sleeps are providing some beauty dreams.

Yesterday I dreamed I tried out for the Team Canada Juniors and was cut after what I thought was a good showing on my part. Naturally I was upset and decided to come back as a walk-on, but before I showed back up at training camp, I ran miles and worked out and skated hard on my own. I was completely focused on making the club.

I guess it didn’t matter that I’m slightly older than my teammates. About 40 years older. But I’d gotten along well with the others guys. I was just one of the boys. They kind of looked up to me like a …..grandfather figure.

And then I woke up before I found out if I made the team or not.

5 thoughts on “Maybe I Made The Team”

  1. You gotta love dreams. The other night I dreamt I was married to Mike Cammalleri, it was so weird, he was saying to me, “honey, they want to do a cover story on us.” I’ll bet they did, the caption woud probably read “Cammie grabs a granny.”

  2. Hi Moey! Hope Mr. Moey doesn’t mind you marrying Cammie. And those juniors are so fantastic. It’s always blown me away that kids 18 or 19 can play like that. The Christmas tournament is one of my favourite hockey things, one of the most exciting weeks of hockey you can get. I really admire them. I’m hoping to make the team. And if that doesn’t happen, I plan on being an Olympic gymnast.

  3. Good luck on making the team tonight. If they offer you ‘left-right-out’ on the fourth line; don’t take it. Its a gag. Hope we get some revenge on the kid tomorrow. We’re a better team tomorrow than we were a few weeks ago when they thrashed us. A much more confident team. Go habs!

  4. I want to be captain and sniper, Diane. I was born to be captain and sniper. If I’m cut I’ll be very disappointed.

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