10 thoughts on “Maybe Honest Abe Should Have Lied”

  1. An extra 15% on car insurance is a small price to pay to keep the wife happy which in the end will be a lot more expensive.

  2. I just really appreciate a good commercial and I like this one. Christopher, you’re in Ottawa. Do you still see those silly House of Guitar commercials out of Rochester? They were so bad they had impact in a weird sort of way. They were really bad, and everyone talked about them because of that.

  3. Dennis, I get my TV over the air and on-line now. From what I understand Roger’s cable serves Ottawa and most of Ontario using the US network broadcasts from Detroit. The Toronto area still uses Buffalo. About 10 years ago Rogers Ottawa did broadcast the Rochester stations, and I did have cable then but I don’t remember the commercials.

  4. This is where, in the days and weeks ahead, Lincoln realizes that maybe honesty isn’t the best policy after all…

  5. Thanks, Danno. House of Guitars had such terrible commercials that they became famous for them and did a great business. Bad is good.

  6. I especially like the last one with the Easter bunny. It reminds me of Bill Murray from his time on SNL.

  7. I haven’t seen any House of Guitars ads in a long time Dennis. I think they went out when we lost the Rochester channel.

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