Maybe He’ll Rap The Anthem On Wednesday

Danno has sent a Russian rap video which includes Alex Ovechkin thrilling the masses with his rap solo. The video is 3:48 long, Alex’s solo begins at the 2:58 mark, and Luciena sat down with me and translated what he’s saying. (although she says he was going so fast it wasn’t easy).

Alex raps, in general –

“I am from Dynamo, with number 8 on my back.

An all-star boy, with attention on me since I was 17 years old.

100 points a season, gold in Canada in 2008

In my hands a stick, in my ears a phone as I listen to rap.

I say hi, straight from Washington, with my friend Sasha Bailey,

To every champion.”


7 thoughts on “Maybe He’ll Rap The Anthem On Wednesday”

  1. Homme de Sept-Iles, you are right the Ovie monkey is odd for sure.

    And I couldn’t help thinking it looks a lot like Chara.

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