Maybe Gomez Can Get His Third

I must confess, I orginally had written a silly caption to this photo that Darth sent over, about how Gomez demonstrates his new found aggressiveness by cross checking the glass, but I decided that heck, he was RDS’s third star the other night, scored his second goal of the season, and I would be nice for a change.

Wouldn’t it be something if Gomez scored again, was voted another star, and the Habs beat New Jersey. And as long as Gomez gets some more points, helps his team win, and doesn’t coast, we’ll cheer instead of jeer.

(I think that’s Pittsburgh’s Maxime Talbot in the picture, (but I could be wrong), with an elbowing penalty coming up).



4 thoughts on “Maybe Gomez Can Get His Third”

  1. Geoffrion got a goal, an assist and had 8 shots and was named first star in his debut with the Bulldogs. Nice!

    You know Dennis, I sent the first pic to you and he scored. I sent this and he scores. I should send you one every game day so he’ll score.

    So let’s test my magic powers:

    If this works I should maybe send you multiples on game days and maybe he’ll score multiple goals!

  2. Darth, if he does it again I’m going to need another for sure. I don’t think it’s the hockey gods doing this, maybe Pancho Villa.

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