Max’s Weird Stuff

He’s been mugged by Zdeno Chara, has undergone an emergency appendectomy, and was bitten by Mikhail Grabovski. Hopefully for Max, the weirdness is now over. Things happen in threes, don’t they?

Chara got nothing, Grabovski got nothing, and the doctor got a shitload of money. Max got a broken neck, a big scar, and a tetanus shot.

Max and Chara



Max bitten


4 thoughts on “Max’s Weird Stuff”

  1. I’m not really surprised he’d get away with it. I expected that after it happened. I would have been amazed if he got anything, even a fine. Would have been nice to see but hey, what do I know?

    I like seeing Milbury not minding it. Makes up for when he freaked out when it happened to a Bruins player. There’s no favoritism there that’s for sure.

    I guess the next thing to happen is getting kneed by someone and then being blamed for having a leg to be kneed. The damn underhanded Max. How dare he.

  2. Darth, what did Milbury say?
    And I wonder if there were teeth marks. And if so, why wouldn’t that be proof positive?

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