Max’s OT Goal Wins It

Nice work by David Desharnais in overtime to grab the puck, change direction, feed Max Pacioretty who scored the game’s only goal, and end the misery of sitting through any more when I’m in the middle of an excellent puzzle I could’ve been working on.

The team isn’t playing well, scoring has gone south for the winter, and the boys were lucky to win against the second-worst team in the east.

It’s not something to jump for joy about. They easily could’ve lost, and we might as well accept the fact that sometimes we’ll be incredibly happy with the gang and other times not so much.

Right now, that sensational 9-0-1 feeling is long gone, replaced by a lot of grrrs and tabernacs.

I hate Habs roller coaster rides. I don’t even mind them losing sometimes. I just prefer they play decent hockey while losing from time to time, and score goals while doing it.

It was 0-0 through three periods, and the only time there was reason to cheer was when Lars Eller laid out John Tavares with a good old fashioned, old-time hockey bodycheck when Tavares wasn’t paying attention.

Of course Eller got two minutes for it. Good, clean, hard hitting is an infraction it seems. And contrary to popular opinion, superstars can be hit hard, as long as the hits are clean.

But back to the main problem. Two goals in three games. Unacceptable. I’m going back to my puzzle.

Random Notes:

Because I’d never really paid much attention to George Parros until this year, I had in my mind he was a bit of a mad man. A good fighter. A feared fighter. A bad-tempered rotten bastard.

Instead we got a calm looking guy who scraps only in staged fights and never outright wins.

He got clocked tonight by Isles tough guy Eric Boulton, was wobbly getting up, and left the game, never to return. Now it’s up to George’s wife and family to convince him to retire.

George isn’t what any of us had in mind when the Canadiens signed him. An experiment that began to fizzle in the first game of the season.

Back to the drawing board in regards to the intimidation factor. Has Knuckles Nilan kept in decent shape?

Canadiens outshot the Islanders 25-21.

Next up – Sunday night – 6:00 ET against the Panthers.

Not expecting much.

Fans have been on Desharnais and Daniel Briere over the course of the season, and now I think it’s time for Brian Gionta to feel the wrath. In my eyes, he’s been a bum. He’s too small, his shot is lousy, and he’s old. In my opinion, three darn good reasons.



5 thoughts on “Max’s OT Goal Wins It”

  1. All of the above is absolutely true Dennis. But I’ll take an ugly victory over a beautiful defeat any day.

  2. Danno I agree. But ugly wins usually have a way of being caught up in the long run. But well take all the two points we can get.

  3. This was a win that did not feel like a win, but Carey deserved the shutout, so I’m glad that he got it.

  4. Whether it was the opposition or otherwise, I did think they played with a little more zip last night. And one site is as pleased as punch because Habs’ statistical possession numbers were very good.

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