Maxim Lapierre Has One Last Chance

Maxim Lapierre has signed a one year, $900,000 contract with the Habs, and hopefully the puzzling plumber picks it up a notch. Because in my mathematical world, I’ve figured that Max has 5 games in a year where he’s absolutely sensational and everyone raves about him, 10 games where he’s fairly effective, 50 games where he’s all too quiet, and 19 games where he’s just a bum who should go away and never come back.

Then there’s the “piss-off” factor. For a couple of dozen games in the year, Max pisses off the other team, the fans, the broadcasters, and the people at the snack booths who aren’t even watching the game.

And we can’t forget the “brain-dead” factor. The one where he rams opposing players from behind causing near career-ending injuries, only to smile and laugh afterward. This can be lumped in to the couple of dozen games where he pisses off everybody.

Most importantly, though, are the few games, the five I mentioned above, when Max Lapierre is a guy every team drools over. It’s when he plays on the wild side, on the edge, goading and hitting, and last but not least – showing excellent hands and puck handling that opens eyes from all watching.

Max has one year to show his best side. Forget five games here and ten games there. The Montreal Canadiens need this enigma to be one of their best players and we know he can be. But unfortunately, on too many nights, he’s one of the worst.

This will be Max’s fifth season with the Habs. It’s time. From Habs fans everywhere, we say smarten up.

10 thoughts on “Maxim Lapierre Has One Last Chance”

  1. Dennis, it’s true Maxim is a man of a thousand faces and playing styles. I feel he stepped it up at the end of the season and into the playoffs though.

    Here’s hoping we see more of this…

  2. Hi Danno. It’s true he had some fine games near the end, like in your video, but me being the hard-to-please ogre that I am, I want this kind of thing much more often. That’s the enigma. How can he score a beautiful goal like that, but also play so many games when he’s not noticed one bit? He really needs to prove himself once and for all. And don’t get me wrong, I’m cheering for him. I want him to be great. It’s all about the team.

  3. I think Lapierre got pissed off when his best buddy Guillaume Latendresse got traded to the Wild. He sulked and pouted and played badly or was invisible for quite a while after that.
    Then late in the season that started to change. He still took stupid penalties and acted like an ass sometimes, but there were games where he was a very positive factor along with Moore and Pyatt like in that important game six against Pittsburgh.
    I think it’s smart for Gauthier to go short with Lapierre to see if he will show greatness more often than sucktitude.
    If he proves he can perform, he will be rewarded.
    And that’s the way it should be.

  4. i’m sure he would be great on another team……… we’ve seen that with others…….. i won’t go any further at this point but you know what i’m saying.

  5. I’m with Danno here. I’ve always had a soft spot for Max, him being a home grown talent who bleeds the bleu, blanc et rouge, and I’m hoping the playoff Max is the one PG just signed for a year. If Max does indeed want to remain with the Habs, he’s going to have to pull up his boot (skate) straps and be the Max from the post-season that drove the opposition crazy. If he does it – great. Win for both him and the Habs. If he doesn’t – so long and thanks for all the pucks. PG is not handing out long-term contracts to hot and cold players, so I like it. Ask me again next season, and I may have a different answer, but for now, I’m okay with this. And I’ve got Danno’s man of a thousand faces to entertain me for another season, so I win too. Now, WTF about Carey Price?

  6. The good part of all this is Lapierre did not choose to go to arbitration and so it looks like a win-win deal.
    The short-term deal means there will lots of incentive on Lapierre to deliver a banner season.
    Also, with this deal now completed, it leaves about $4.7 million dollars of cap space to sign Price with and now possibly another key player – like Dominic Moore who was great with Lapierre during the playoffs.
    All in all I think this is a positive move for the good of the team.

  7. I completely agree, Danno. $900,000 leaves the team some breathing room and one year gives him a wake -up call hopefully. And it seems like they have more than enough cap space like you say to get the job done with Price and maybe a little surprise to boot. I also agree with Tyg that he needs to pull up his boot straps. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea too about what I wrote. When Max is playing the way he can, I just love this style. It’s tough, freewheeling, with good hands and puck handling. When he’s like this he’s one of my favourite Habs. But he has too many off days for my liking. He seems like the kind of player a real leader/captain would be on constantly, pushing to be the best he can be. There’s no time for off-days. All along I was hoping they’d re-sign him and so I’m happy. But I expect so much more from him. Much more.

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