Max With Three, Gomez With Winner, As Habs Hold On

Fans celebrate after hearing the news that Scott Gomez scored on Long Island

Three goals by Max Pacioretty, another strong night for Carey Price, and Scott Gomez….yes, Scott Gomez finally scored after one year and four days, whch turned out to be the winner as the Canadiens beat the Islanders 4-2, their third straight win. Which, by the way, is the first time the Habs have put together a three-game winning streak since the end of October.

And maybe Gomez’s goal was a distraction and the team lost focus, because they almost blew a 3-0 lead, which is reasonably disturbing. Gomez scores, there are smiles and jokes on the bench for the next ten minutes, and meanwhile, the Islanders climb back in it. But now is the time to be happy, I guess, instead of whining.

In the end, after the Islanders, whom I thought held much of the play throughout this evening, had stormed back to close the gap to 3-2 late in the game, good old Max Pacs found the empty net with a second left to ice it and complete his hat trick and keep Habs fans from throwing bricks at their TV’s.

Three in a row. It’s nice but it can’t end anytime soon. The Canadiens need pretty well every game from here on in, a tough task to be sure, but like the old cliché goes, you take it one game at a time and see what happens.

As for Gomez, talk about a giant gorilla off his back. But Gomez was also guilty for a weak swooping check that Mark Streit easily moved around before scoring the Islanders second goal. And if Gomez had scored the odd time before tonight, Montreal might not be in quite as nasty a pickle as they are now. So for me, Gomez is far from being off the hook.

Now it’s on to Toronto for a Satruday night match against the Leafs, and we want this game badly. How sweet it would be.

13 thoughts on “Max With Three, Gomez With Winner, As Habs Hold On”

  1. It was an excellent game, despite maybe 4 or 5 bad minutes. Lots of positives which I am choosing to focus on! I have high hopes for this Saturday’s game – I am beyond excited to say I will be in attendance! If you see a dashing man in a Habs shirt on TV, it probably isn’t me, but it MIGHT be.

    Go Habs Go! Patches padding stats with style.

  2. David, please be sure to tell us how it was after being there. Hope you have a blast and hope you see a big Habs win!

  3. Looks like Saturday nights Habs-Leafs tilt could be a hot one …..My Leafs drop 2 in a row and panic in Leaf Land sets in … Oh Boy

  4. Hey Dennis, Things that have come to an end in recent history:
    The theory that the earth is flat
    the Carol Burnette show
    Preston Mannings popularity in Canada
    Scott Gomez”s duel with the shutout gods of the NHL.
    Dennis,our fast skating,quick moving scoring snail has finally bulged the twine this year and what a relief eh.I actually felt good for the guy myself.I hopen this little flirtation with the ice behind the goal line will turn into a love affair in future games.Let’s keep her going Scotty,we need a few more like that.
    I tend to agree with you Dennis,the Islanders held the play for most of the game,the Habs just capitalized on more of their chances.What is your opinion,the Isles first goal was batted in with a high stick?I thought it was .

  5. That collapse near the end was a heart-stopper wasn’t it? Dammit. Funny how the first Islanders goal was allowed. It kind of looked really high. Oh well, least we won.

    As for Gomez…well, wasn’t that a nice little miracle? Then later on he calls it in as usual and the score again. Sigh. Get in the game Scott.

    On RDS they said this was his first road goal since December 2010! Yeah that man is worth it alright.

    Saturday is going to be a blast and I hope David does a report.

    Where did you put that Gomez picture Dennis? Maybe it brought good luck and caused him to score. Hmmm.

  6. Dennis I don’t think Gomez’ goal was a distraction or a key contributor in the Islanders’ comeback. We’ve been having late game meltdowns all year without the benefit of Gomez scoring.The big change, other than the long awaited goal, is that we recovered before it was too late. I think the odds have finally caught up to us and we’re winning some close ones.

    First a shutout, then a shootout win and now a Gomez goal. What’s next? Did the Catholic Church pray for the Habs advertisement help or are they just trying to remain relevant?—en/reader/items/the-diocese-of-montreal-in-the-sports-section.html

  7. Did the catholic church really put ads in local Montreal papers asking people to pray for the habs? I hope this isn’t true but apparently it seems to be. Seems like a waste of hard earned catholic money. Musta took them a lot of time to earn that money.

    For the record I’m catholic. And as a Habs fan, am embarrassed that this took place. So silly.

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