Max Mentionings

All the way home I listened to speculation on TSN 690 about the possibility of Max Pacioretty getting traded, with the question being, for whom?

Or is it just idle gossip on a slow news day in Montreal, aside from all the ice and snow.

I don’t want Max traded. Streaky or not, he’s a big power forward who can find the back of the net.

How many others on our team can we say the same of? And how many are out there who are similar?

What, we’re going to get even smaller? If Marc Bergevin trades Max for a little guy, I’m moving to Tibet to find the true meaning of life.

Okay, I can be swayed. I’ll take either David Backes or Alex Pietrangelo for Max.

There was also talk that he and Michel Therrien don’t see eye to eye. Twenty guys on those ’70s Habs teams didn’t see eye to eye with Scotty Bowman either.

There’s probably a thousand examples. It’s part of nature. Working for the man.

Again, I don’t want Max traded.

And congratulations to him and his wife Katia for their new baby boy, Lorenzo. May Lorenzo grow up in Montreal. At least during the winter.


3 thoughts on “Max Mentionings”

  1. I don’t think it’s wrong to say that Max is a power forward who does not play like a typical power forward. He’s not a crash and banger or even really a crash the net type of player. (If that was the criteria then Gallagher is a power forward!) But that isn’t to say that he’s not an effective player. While a streaky scorer he does often lead the habs in goal scoring. So is it that people want a player like Iginla or Shanahan? Good luck, I’m just happy to have a guy that can score on a regular basis and that’s certainly something this team can hardly afford to trade away.

  2. I’m hoping that it’s just idle speculation by writers who can’t think of anything else to write about (or talking heads who have no other subject to discuss). MaxPac is still young, and he’s still learning how to play the game at the NHL level. If they trade him, I will be very, very upset.

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